Horrible Incidents of Men Faced Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment of men has been a theory many people still don’t accept. But yes! men also suffer harassment and suffer the trauma of being sexually abused. Here are some stories to prove my statement. Read them below.


  1. Aaron in his teenage was sexually abused once by a family friend who was for him almost like a second mother. Years later when he confessed everything to the police, they refused to help saying that they had no evidence of the crime and cannot figure out what sort of crime it is.

Aaron said that Shaskey abused him till he became 18. She was genuinely nice to him and won his trust first. As the alarms started to ring her abuse turned out to more sexual and she continuously assured that it was their special secret. It started as hugging and kissing and used to end up later to much more and when he couldn’t bear the pain enough, he just wanted to back out but the nasty lady threatened him to tell everything to his parents which made him subjugate to her wish.

  1. Ken Clearwater was barely 12 when he was sexually harassed first by a man and later at the hands of a woman. He said, she made him lie on the bed beside her and ran her fingers through his genitals and placed his hands over her parts too. “I got damn scared and I was unable to get an erection so, she laughed at me and told me that I wasn’t a real man. After this abuse, I turned out a nasty body from a sweet, little, innocent one”.

  1. During my struggle days at Los Angeles, an agent promised me he would get me some roles told me that the amazing thing about me is” I cannot tell you If I wanna fuck you or protect you like a little sister”  


  1. After the end of my shift as a waiter, a vip customer of our club was seated at my table. After when he had had his meal he shoved his hands in my side pockets and grabbed my testicles. I got so stunned that it took me few minutes to understand what had just happened. I cried in pain and complained to the owner only to be instructed by him that I must shut my mouth up as he would lose all his business  because of me.


  1.  I was a chubby teenage boy who loved eating and playing all day. One day mom left to visit grandma in some other city and asked an aunt nearby our house to keep an eye on me. In the afternoon, she visited me and cooked me some lunch. After I had my lunch, I went for a nap and lied on the bed. Soon, I felt her hands all over my body running and kissing me all over. I was terrified but she grabbed me and asked me If I will do what she says, she will never torcher me like that.

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