Weird Pop Songs that Became Immensely Popular Before Dhinchak Puja

You think Dhinchak Pooja has been the only one who dared to show up with her mind blasting song contents and skills?? Wait, no we have always have such great artists who have gone way far to prove what immensely talented gems they are. To know more about them and their masterpieces read below.  


  1. Adrak Wali Chai


Last year in October Baba Sehgal released his song ‘ Adrak Wali Chai”. While we cannot deny that adrak wali chai is love and keeps us stress-free, what baba has done with this song has given us although more anxiety.

  1. Desi spiderman


It’s a spoof on the spiderman’s movie that’s just meant to torture you to an extent you won’t forget your entire life. Just listen to the video below and know that your


  1. Meri marzi


“Mai chahe ye karu, main chahe wo karun, meri marziii”. This arbitrary song featuring Govinda in the 1995 blockbuster movie “Gambler” became instantly famous. The song was hard to take in and even harder to ignore.


  1. Baby ye kaisa tera pyaar hai


While listening to this song you will feel as if it’s the conversation between the two friends who are full talii. The tunes of the song has been copied from the song “ Yaaron Sab Dua Karo”


  1. The delhi Metro songs

This song features the rejoice of Delhi metro in a time when it was newly launched. You will see one man with two women in either sides dancing and charishing that Delhi has a metro. How emotional no??


  1. Love marriage

I heard the entire re out song and felt it to be not that bad as I could figure out the songs quite clearly. Wilbur sargunaraj, an eligible bachelor wants to have a love marriage and grandchildren with his lovers. Well that’s one dream all of us lovebirds see.

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