Unleashing Dread: The Top 10 Horror Hindi Web Series to Haunt Your Screens

The Indian entertainment industry has achieved great success in the realm of horror with its unique and spine-chilling web series. From supernatural creatures to psychological thrillers, Indian horror web series have captivated audiences with their gripping storylines and terrifying visuals. In this article, we will explore the top 10 Indian horror web series that have left a lasting impression on viewers and continue to set the bar high for the genre in the world of digital entertainment. So, if you’re a fan of all things spooky and want to experience some of the best horror content out there, keep reading to discover the top 10 Indian horror web series that are a must-watch.

  1. Darr Sabko lagta hai (2015)

Darr Sabko Lagta Hai, a Netflix series in the Hindi language, was released in 2015 and has a 6.0/10 rating on IMDb. It consists of 49 episodes spread across two seasons and falls into the horror genre. The show is directed by a team that includes Soumik Sen and Faizal Akhtar, and it explores supernatural elements such as ghosts, zombies, haunted objects, and witches. Its format of standalone episodes allows for a diverse exploration of horror themes, keeping the audience engaged with suspenseful twists. While there are some instances of unoriginality and uneven pacing, the series offers an intriguing and concise journey into the unknown for those who enjoy spooky stories.

  1. Ghoul (2018)

Ghoul, a horror series from Netflix India, received a respectable rating of 7.0/10 on IMDb for its thrilling and terrifying storyline. The show, created by Patrick Graham, aired on August 24, 2018 and consisted of only three episodes. Set in a military prison, the plot follows detective Nida Rahim as she struggles to uncover the truth while fighting for her own survival. As she digs deeper into her father’s involvement in anti-government activities and interrogates sect leader Saeed, unsettling suspicions arise. Led by the talented Radhika Apte, the series delivers an intense and chilling experience in just three episodes.

  1. Typewriter (2019)

The Indian horror series Typewriter, available on Netflix, received a 6.5/10 rating on IMDb. It combines elements of drama and horror throughout its five-episode run. Released on July 19, 2019, the show takes place in a haunted area in Bardez, Goa, focusing on a haunted house and an intriguing book that captures the attention of aspiring ghost hunters. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh and starring a diverse cast including Palomi Ghosh and Purab Kohli, the series tells a bone-chilling story written by Raj Vasant, Sujoy Ghosh, and Suresh Nair. With only five episodes, Typewriter offers an intense exploration of supernatural mysteries that will captivate horror fans.

  1. Beetal (2020)

The horror series Betaal, produced by Netflix and set in India, received a 5.4/10 rating on IMDb. The show, with only one season consisting of four episodes, offers a unique combination of thriller, action, and horror. It made its debut on May 24, 2020 and was directed by Nikhil Mahajan and Patrick Graham. The story follows a group of army officers who encounter British soldiers that have been turned into zombies due to an ancient curse. Co-written by Suhani Kanwar and Patrick Graham, and produced by Gaurav Verma and Gauri Khan, Betaal features a talented cast including Aahana Kumra and Vineet Kumar Singh. This show successfully blends elements of horror and historical intrigue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

  1. Castle Rock(2018)

The American horror drama Castle Rock has received a strong 7.5/10 rating on IMDb, with two seasons and ten episodes. It can be streamed in Hindi on Netflix and incorporates elements of horror, thriller, and mystery, inspired by the works of Stephen King. The series is skillfully directed by Phil Abraham and Greg Yaitanes, creating a haunting atmosphere. The writing team, consisting of Sam Shaw, Guy Busick, Lia Byock, and Vince Calandra, expertly weaves together characters and themes from the fictional town of Castle Rock. Led by Robin Sweet, Scott Brown, Edwin Saju, and Tamara Isaac, the production team delivers a gripping and intricately crafted horror drama that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

  1. Adhura 

Adhura is a gripping supernatural thriller. The story revolves around a boarding school where a perplexing and unimaginable chain of events takes place. Helmed by Ananya Banerjee and Gaurav K Chawla, the series stars Ishwak Singh, Rasika Duggal, Shrenik Arora, and Rahul Dev in significant roles. The narrative explores enigmas that surpass our wildest thoughts, keeping the audience on tenterhooks.

  1. Gehraiyaan

After experiencing a terrifying event in Bangalore, Reyna moves to Mumbai to focus on her career. However, she soon becomes entangled in the grip of the supernatural. Curious and disturbed, she launches an investigation to unravel the enigmatic powers that seem to be targeting her. Under the direction of Sidhant Sachdev, India’s first digital horror series Gehraiyaan unfolds its eerie story on JioCinema. With Sanjeeda Sheikh, Vatsal Sheth, Radhika Bangia, and other talented actors in powerful roles, the show delves into unexplored territory in the world of digital horror, guaranteeing a spine-chilling plot as Reyna confronts the otherworldly entities threatening her new life in Mumbai.

  1. Ankahi Ansuni

Umesh, the most junior inspector in the history of UP police, experiences a downfall as a result of his inappropriate behavior, resulting in his demotion and relocation to Jhaagi – a notorious town known for its unsolved crimes and eerie sightings. Saad Khan’s Hindi horror thriller features Paresh Pahuja, Veebha Anand, Aatm Prakash Mishra, and other actors. In this spine-chilling tale, Umesh not only faces the enigmas of Jhaagi but also confronts the haunting remnants of his own past, creating a gripping examination of fear and tension.

  1. Kannamoochi

“Kannamoochi” is a Tamil horror series released on Zee5 in 2020 and directed by Avinaash Hariharan. The story follows a single mother and her deaf-mute daughter who move from Bangalore to Chennai and settle in an apartment with a dark past. Starring Shamna Kasim, Amzath, Baby Aaradhya Shri, Shwethaa Shri, and others, the plot revolves around the daughter’s sudden disappearance and its connection to a 20-year-old murder. With skilled storytelling, Avinaash Hariharan creates a gripping narrative filled with supernatural elements that keeps viewers on the edge as they explore the chilling history of the haunted apartment.

  1. Anjaan: Rural Myths

In 2020, Zee5 released a Tamil horror series called “Kannamoochi” which was directed by Avinaash Hariharan. The show centers around a single mother and her deaf-mute daughter who relocate from Bangalore to Chennai and move into an apartment with a sinister past. Starring Shamna Kasim, Amzath, Baby Aaradhya Shri, Shwethaa Shri, and others, the story revolves around the daughter’s sudden disappearance and its connection to a murder that happened 20 years ago. Through skilled storytelling, Avinaash Hariharan creates an enthralling plot filled with supernatural elements that keeps viewers on the edge as they uncover the chilling history of the haunted apartment.

In conclusion, the horror genre in India has seen a remarkable growth in recent years, with the emergence of several top-notch web series. From spine-chilling plots to stellar performances, these top 10 horror web series have captured the attention of audiences across the country. Whether it’s supernatural entities, psychological thrillers, or classic ghost stories, there is something for every horror fan in this list. It is evident that the Indian entertainment industry is stepping up its game and delivering high-quality content in the horror genre. With more and more web series being produced, we can only expect to see an even greater selection of terrifying tales in the future. These top 10 horror web series are a must-watch for anyone who loves a good scare and is a testament to the fact that Indian horror is on par with international standards. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to be spooked by these fantastic web series!

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