Bengali movies copied (or inspired) from Hollywood

Indian cinema has been known for its rich and diverse cultural influences, with each regional film industry bringing its unique flavor to the art form. One such industry is Tollywood, the Bengali film industry. While it may not be as well-known globally as its counterparts in Bollywood or Hollywood, Tollywood has gained recognition for its budgets. In this article, we will explore the truth behind Tollywood’s inspiration from Hollywood and how it has shaped the industry’s creative vision. Stay tuned as we delve into the world of Tollywood Takes Hollywood and uncover the fascinating parallels between these two cinematic worlds.

22 Se Srabon (2011)

The iconic Milestone of Bengali Cinema os 22 se Srabon, directed by Srijit Mukherjee. It is considered one of the best Bengali crime thriller ever made. But the reality is the concept of the cinema is directly taken from the US crime Thriller “Righteous Kill” where the cops are searching for a serial killer and at last took help from a suspended cop. Moreover, the ending is as similar as the story.


What are the possibilities of a doorknob? It turns out, quite a bit! The creator of Bheetu seems to have drawn inspiration from the Hollywood film,” Dream House”. From the color scheme and texture to the reflection on the knob, it appears that originality requires boldness!

Hawa Bodol (2013)

Bengal’s two most talented actors Parambrata and Rudranil played memorable roles in the film Hawa Bodol. The lead Actor Parambrata was himself the director of the film where the lives of two frustrated friends were shown. One day their role in their life were exchanged. This movie was exactly a copy of “Change Up”, which is an American fantasy romantic comedy.

Royal Bengal Tiger (2014)

The movie shows a man who is tired from his life, from office to family frustration chasing him everywhere. His life is completely changed after the arrival of his friend. This movie was inspired by the American horror comedy “Fright Night”.

Shabdo ( 2012)

Kaushik Ganguly is a renewed director, and his national award-winning film “Shabdo” is another masterpiece from him. This film revolves around a foley artist who creates various sounds for films and eventually his mind starts registering only sounds. This film was inspired by a British psychological horror film named “Berberian Sound Studio”. 

In conclusion, the issue of Bengali films being copied from Hollywood serves as a reminder of the impact and dominance of Western media in the global entertainment industry. While it is important for filmmakers to draw inspiration from other sources, blatant copying and lack of originality can hinder the growth and development of the local film industry. Bengali filmmakers must find a balance between adapting and incorporating elements from Hollywood while still staying true to their own cultural identity. Ultimately, audiences deserve to see unique and authentic stories that represent the rich cultural heritage of Bengal, rather than mere imitations of Western films.

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