Unleash The Mystery: Top  South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies

South Indian cinema has taken the whole world with its engaging stories, dynamic performances, and one of the best cinematographers. It is not doubtable that today Indian film means not only Bollywood but a large audience is attracted to the South Indian Movies. But among many genres that gained popularity south Indian thriller movies gained a huge amount of attention from every part of the world. With its gripping plot twists and intense suspense South Suspense movie directors have created some of the most riveting suspense thrillers that have left viewers on the edge of their seats. In this blog, We are here with some of the best South Indian Suspense Thriller Movies that you should not miss. Let’s Begin.

Kaithi (Tamil)

This South crime thriller movie begins with the story of Dilli who is a Released prisoner and excited to meet her daughter for the first time. But his plan is interrupted by the drug raid planned by Inspector Bejoy. This Tamil thrilling cinema presents us with some beautiful action sequences and a protagonist who must use his combat skills to survive the night. This 2019 South Indian thriller movie was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. If Language is not a barrier then you can watch this on the “AHA” OTT platform.

Visaranai (Tamil)

This South Indian suspense thriller is based on the book “Lock Up” by M. Chandrakumar where the torture of police is shown on four innocent laboures to confess a crime that they have not committed. But luckily an honest policeman saved them but the problem is not over yet. This South suspense movie got three national awards and the best award as a feature film. This 2016 crime thriller is directed by Vetrimaaran and now a Hindi dubbed version is available if you can find it.

Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (Tamil)

This South Indian thriller revolves around a police officer assigned to a murder mystery of a couple. Though he loses his legs during the investigation it leads to the end of his career. This 2016 thriller movie was directed by Karthick Naren. This movie is known for its story and plot twist. You can watch this on MX Player for free.

Gultoo (Kannada)

It is a Modern South Indian Thriller where the story is told about an IT employee who wants to start his own startup company. But his dream shattered when he was accused in a case of cybercrime. This 2018 film is directed by Janardan Chikkanna. You can Watch this on the “AHA” OTT platform.

Vikram Vedha

This south Indian suspense film story is inspired by an Indian Folktale Baital Pachisi. Here Vikram a pragmatic police cop wants to catch Vedha. But, when Vedha voluntarily surrenders he tells Vikram a story that throws Vikram’s life into disarray. This suspense thriller has two Casts most promising actors from the south R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. This 2017 film was directed by Gayatri & Pushkar. A Hindi film was attempted to make on this but did not get as much response as this.

Anjaam Pathira

This South Indian suspense thriller movie tells the story of a consulting criminologist Anwar Who helps the Kerala Police in every critical Case. But when a brain-challenging serial killing begins in the city Anwar has to stop the killer as soon as possible. This 2020 Malayalam film grabbed attention with its story and thrilling plot. The film was directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas and is available on “The AHA” OTT platform.


This South Suspense movie is as spooky as hell. Arun is a boy who dreams to be a filmmaker. But after his father’s death, he becomes a police officer and attempts to catch a psychological killer who targets schoolgirls. Only a braveheart is suggested to watch this movie alone. This 2018 film was directed by Ram Kumar and this now available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

In Conclusion, South Indian Thriller movies have delivered some of the gri[[ing content that become popular worldwide. These movies not only reflect the talent of South Directors and filmmakers but also promote regional diversity worldwide. Whether you are a thriller fan or not, these South Indian Thriller Movies are something worthy to watch.

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