Everything you need to know Spacex Moon Mission

SpaceX CEO has recently announced the name of the first private passenger going for a gateway to moon who is a Japanese tycoon Yusaku Maezawa. The interesting point to ponder is will he be able to sustain the whole journey?

Let’s take a look at what aerospace medicine specialists recommend to cope up with the sort of stress a person can undergo while traveling to the space.

Space traveling can result into anything from a heart attack to even creating mental and emotional trauma. Nevertheless, Yusaku might not feel it in an adverse way as the trip will be shorter than what our astronauts go on and suffer due to have spent the longer time in space but yes it’s definitely going to be uncomfortable to the core.

Musk in his announcement clearly warned that it’s not going to be a cakewalk and the things will start getting worse as soon as the rocket takes off when it starts zooming away from the earth. The passengers are likely to experience incredible G forces upto thrice the gravity they are acquainted with, which creates a pressure in the heart as it pushes blood to the head.

If major precautions like appropriate seat placements are not taken then passengers might feel their blood flowing downwards to their feet that can result into heart attacks.That’s why the passengers will be beforehand strictly tested medically to figure out if they are strong enough to take this tour.

Will have to battle Nausea.

After the spacex leaves the Earth, the passengers will obviously feel weightlessness, that might cause motion sickness because you totally lose your sense of sickness. But the good news is  There are medications for anti-nausea sickness.

Cosmic radiation

Flying around the moon will expose you to a higher daily dose of radiation than the astronauts. Thanks to the sun for spitting out charged particle radiations else, it could have flooded the passengers with up to 6 months worth cosmic radiations.

Keeping your cool would be really tough.

There are many psychological effects such kind of trips can create on passengers. After all, they will be all packed in a metal container with just 4-5 people and are not allowed to come out unless the trip has been completed. Thus, SpaceX is speculated to be ready till 2023, the space tourists have a plenty of time to wait and get ready for the space tour.

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