Who is Orry & Why He’s So Popular?

Bollywood’s Favorite BFF : Orry

Orry, also called Orhan Awatramani, is frequently seen socializing and spending time with famous Bollywood stars like Jahnavi Kapoor, Nysa Devgan, and Sara Ali Khan. Recently, his photos with Nita Ambani, Deepika Padukone, and Shubhman Gill at the unveiling of Jio World Plaza gained widespread attention on the internet. As “Bollywood’s BFF”, he has gained attention for his daring style and large fan base. Nonetheless, some people are curious about his occupation and identity.

According to his LinkedIn page, he is a social advocate residing in Mumbai and holds the position of Special Project Manager at Reliance Industries Limited Chairperson Office. He completed a degree in Fine Arts and Communication Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, he describes himself as “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” He regularly shares updates about his life with his fans and often uploads photos and videos from movie premieres, trips, and photo shoots.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan India, Mr. Awatramani shared that he puts a lot of effort and dedication into his work. When asked if it was a typical 9-5 job, he refuted the idea and explained that he focuses on personal growth. He elaborated, saying, “I am constantly working on improving myself. This includes going to the gym, self-reflection, practicing yoga, getting massages, and honing my skills. I am working hard, but it’s all for my betterment.” 

About his career path, Orry revealed that he had always aspired to be an aeronautical engineer but ended up becoming a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, creative director, stylist, executive assistant, shopper, and even played football at times. He believes that life is about having dreams and encourages others to dream big and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way. He once told his boss during his first job interview that he would go above and beyond for any task given to him. He stated confidently, “If you ask me to paint something for your wall, I’ll paint the entire house.” And with that sentiment in mind, he ended the interview with a mic drop.

According to Orry, he is acquainted with many individuals in the film industry because they attended school and college around the same time. However, he only considers a small number of them as true friends. They are all of similar age and went to school and college together. Only a handful of people who I met through the industry, like Bhumi Pednekar, are considered my industry friends. We didn’t know each other until a few years ago, but we have become close friends now.”

Mr Awatramani shared that his photo with Kylie Jenner at her house in the US gained a lot of attention and helped him gain recognition. He explained, “If you ask me about one particular picture that grabbed people’s attention, then yes, it was when I went to Kylie Jenner’s house for my birthday and we took a picture together. That was the moment that put me on the map.”

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