10 Coolest Robots You can Actually Own under $1000 (…. in 2018)

Whether it’s the Curiosity Rover, the Pixar lamp or IKEA furniture, humans have a tendency to anthropomorphize objects and bestow them with emotions. Artificial Intelligence devices are being made with the same formula.

Anyone with some kind of affection for technology, loves to own a robot – right? But these AI machines usually come with a heavy price tag – because of their heavy machineries and high level of complexities in manufacturing them. But thanks to modern technologies, scientists now have come up with robots which you can own easily and you won’t have to go bankrupt for owning them.Let’s take a look :


Kuri can detect faces, understand emotions and smile back. With its expanding voice command library, Kuri can recognize and respond to “go to sleep” “I love you,” and more expressions and answering back with super cute facial expressions, beeps, bloops and chirps.

Price : Kuri is available for just $699.


Jibo is a social robot – not actually a remote control for ‘internet of things’. This robot can synthesize with loads of data, recognize people and can become an expert for your home. Jibo comes with a character and a voice, which can under human emotion as well – if he’ll make a mistake and you’ll say ‘F- You’ – Jibo will lean down and will say ‘I’m sorry’..

Price : $499


Aido is one of the more interestingly shaped home-robots we’ve encountered. Inspired by Dolphins, this robot offers you home automation, assistance, security, entertainment, and many more services. This robot is playful, intelligent, friendly and has highly functional merry looking eyes.

Price : $549

Wowwee – CHiP

CHiP is one of coolest robotic dog ever created. Embedded with a number of motion and touch sensors, CHiP behaves the same way as your super-charming dog does. CHiP can bark, play with your kid, run and get back a ball and do a lot of other activities your regular dog can do.

Price : $200


Price : $150


Price : $300

 LG’s Hub Robot

Price : $300

Ubtech Lynx

Price : $800

Panasonic companion robot egg

Price : $500


iRobot Roomba

If you don’t have time to clean your home and you don’t trust a human being to take care of this major task – Roomba is what you need. With its powerful sensors and high-level AI, Roomba is a sensible room cleaner, which understands what to clean, what to clean and how to perform a perform cleaning.

Price : $499

So which one you’re planning to buy?

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