Books that would take your creativity to the next level

Thinking of creating your own masterpiece and have no idea where to start from? Well, it’s the problem all aspiring writers face. Thus, here are some books by renowned authors, we suggest to help you realise your creativity and create your own masterpiece.  


1.Big Magic


Anyone who is pursuing creative work can relate to this book. Written by Elizabeth, this book is all about creative living par any fear. The book is divided into chapters and I bet you won’t be able to differentiate which chapter makes the best sense. While having read this book, it will  change your perception on what creativity actually is !!


  1. Bird by bird

You will easily get plenty of books related to the art of writing, but if you are in a search for nothing but the best read “ Bird by BIRD” Anne Lamott writing are just awesome and you will believe this once you read the book. This book is a compilation of both writing and life advice . if you are a budding writer this book is surely gonna be your best writing critic.


  1. The artist’s way.


Moulded into a course like format, helps in exploring the inner creativities in you. This book need your active passion and you’ll have to follow the guidelines the book refers to.


  1. Creative Confidence

With this book Tom Kelly has helped the readers to unleash the potential hidden in them. It’s a thought-provoking book that suggests that creativity is beyond any profession and it’s something that’s with us in our genes.  


  1. Steal like an Artist

This book will make you feel you are guided by an expert at each step of your writing. Author Justin Kleon has tried his best to put forth his feeling that is, the best part of being an artist is “being yourself first”. This is one of those books that’s full of advice you will truly need in order write your own masterpiece.


  1. On Writing

This book by Stephen king is considered an absolute gem while you decide to plunge into writing. The advices and tips he has showered upon us by this book is just so incredible.


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