7 Japanese Exercises That Are Perfect For The Female Body

Japanese are the best when it comes to take care of body, health and mind. Here we have stolen some quick japanese exercises  that can help you go a long way. Take a look, and lemme know if you know more such workouts in the comments.

  1. A LEAF

If you are looking for some exercises to improve your posture and cerebral circulation, this one’s for you


Step-1 you need to turn on your back with your face turned up. Choose a hard surface.

Step-2 just lie down and relax, feel that your body is all empty.

Step-3  Just bend your knees without lifting your feet. While doing so, slowly bring your feet to your buttocks and try to keep it as close as possible.

Step-4 Now lift your head up and try to reach your knees with your palms without lifting your spine bone.

Step-5 Now, check if your spine is in the horizontal position, without lifting your head up.

Step-6 Now, you need to remain in that position for as long as you want and imagine that your head is supplying you the energy.

Step-7 Go back to your original position and relax.  


  1. A BOAT

Women need to this exercise after their post- delivery time when their muscles turn week and to shed those unwanted kilos gained during pregnancy.


Step-1. Just lie on your back and bring your legs together and the arms to the alongside of the body with the help of your palms turned down.


Step-2  now at the count of 5, lift your legs with your toes stretching outwards.


Step-3 and simultaneously lift your upper body up with straight arms, and touch your knees.


Step-4 Now remain in that position for about 10 mins.  


Step-5 And repeat this exercise for about 10-15 times.


  1. A VINE

If you have been feeling cramps in your legs and back lately, go for this one !!


Step-1  stand straight


Step-2  massage your waist and think that your body is becoming flexible


Step-3  bend over the knees to reach the grounds.


Step-4  now go back to the original position and gently bend back as low as you can bend.


Step-5 now lean towards your left and right.


Step-6  now return to the first position and relax.



If you feel your thighs have become quite bulky  lately, try this :


Step-1. Kneel down first


Step-2  arch your back and hold your ankles with your hands.


Step-3  keep that position for about 5 second and return to the original one.


Step-4 repeat this exercise 10-15 times a day.




Step-1 stand straight, and spread your legs as wide as you can keeping your feet together.


Step-2 Imagine that you have an empty body.


Step-3 Keep your hands over the kidneys and pull your fingers together on a rump.


Step-4  bend your head back


Step-5 now stretch your arms at maximum level and let it relax.


Step-6 Slowly try to move left and right


Step-7 now return to your original position, if you feel tired.

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