Rare animals in the world

Global warming, Hunting, pollution, have put various species into threat. They are living on the verge of extinction. Though many organisations are trying their best to preserve these rare species of animals on the earth. Still we need to speed up. Else, we are only gonna get to see these rare species  of the world in books and pictures

  1. Sunfish

Ocean Sunfish also known as Mola are the world’s most beautiful and largest fish with bones. Though these fishes are born with a back fin, but it never fully grows or develops. Sadly, these fishes are on the verge of extinction as they are very few and rare species in the world.

2. Tonkin snub-nosed monkey

The most endangered species in the world,Tonkin snub nosed monkeys are the cutest of all.

3. Hooded (bladder nosed) seal

Hooded seals look like they have a cherry kept on their nose. They have an elastic nasal membrane on their heads that can be inflated by sending blood to the area. This happens when a seal catches his  wify seal romancing with her boyfriend Seal and the sight would scare the shit out you.

4. Coelacanth

Coelacanth, a deep water fish was assumed dead and extinct by the scientists about 70 million years ago. But to their surprise a specimen weighing 170 pounds was found and they were astonished to see that this fish has changed a very little in all these million years. Coelacanths were believed to have vanished with the dinosaurs tens of millions of years ago.‬

5. Tuatara (sphenodon)

If you’re thinking it to be a lizard or another species of spider. Well you are right to an extent. But it’s a combo of both. Tuatara is the only descendent of the first dinosaur world, and it has got no chance in itself, still looks the same as it did 200 years back.  

6. Mala (Rufous hare wallaby)

They are cute, small animals that belongs from Australia. They only breed when they receive enough rainfall because no rain means no grass for them and their young ones will not be able to survive.

7. Numbat

They look a lot like adorable, lovely squirrels. They eat termites and hail from the family of anteaters. They have the capacity to consume over 20,000 thousand ants and termites a day.  

8. Cassowary

Also known as Keshwari in India, it is the tallest and the second heaviest bird in the world. And those Cassowaries who belongs from southern part are the most fierce and dangerous ones. Even his slightest kick can cause a much damage.

9. Fossa

Fossa means “hidden Anus”. They have a concealed butt with an anal pouch. They are the biggest carnivorous animals who live on the island of Madagascar.

10. Vaquita

vaquitas are so cute that the news of their extinction really hurts. Only 12 vaquitas are left in the world nowadays, that brings them in the list of the 129 most endangered mammal species in the world.  

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