African Astrology – Believed To Be The Most Interesting And Accurate of All

African astrology has its root from the ancient African civilization. They were the first and foremost among the world who put forth this concept of stars, planets, and the lines formed by tossing and turning of bones which is also known as Geomancy. Which further gave birth to the concept  of “Astrology’’.


The tossing of the bones resulted into the creation of 12 figures – which is popularly known as The Baobab Tree, The Wealth of Amber and Silver, The Family, Small Services to the Neighborhood, The Market, The Ancestor, The Judge, The Kola Nut, The Travelers, The Distance, The Child of the World and The Harvest in the Granary. Why don’t you find out which category you belong to?

Baobab (January 4th- Febuary 3rd)

Honesty, soft-spoken, sensitive towards others, genuiness, liberalities and so on are some common traits of people born under this sign. Such people keep Negativities at bay. They are the sucker of high status, powers and are self motivated but often indulge in overthinking that brainstorms their mind.


The wealth of amber and silver (4 February – 5 March)

Well, for people born under this sign, balancing is totally not their cup of tea. They might be screwing up their professional life and excelling in personal field , or vice-versa. They are often peace loving calm and composed but don’t actually love socialising much.


Small services to the neighbourhood  (5 April – 4 May)

These are extremely happy –go- lucky person but a bit of an escapist too. They often hesitate to face the problems one on one. You have got to be very careful if you come under this sign because not everyone who is true to your face is really loyal to you. So, place your trust in right hands.


The Market (5 May – 4 June)

These people are the champs of all. They have the mastery in handling any situation be it adverse or calm. They rejoice peace and harmony and are the true sucker of nature.


The Ancestor (5 June – 4 July)

Not that the people born under this sign are intentionally rude or self-centered but they definitely tend to be fierce when not working in right directions. The great thing about them is these people can be hilariously funny and smart.


The Judge (5 July – 4 August)

The decision making ability is superb in this sign. They are the most practical of all the signs. Living life without any hustle and bustle is what they are perfect in. you cannot keep them in any oblivion. Pretty cool !! pretty sorted !!


The Kola Nut (5 August – 3 September)

You can never match-up with their energy level. If channeled right, they can be the most successful of all the signs. They are not very responsible but make very great friends.


The Traveler (4 September – 3 October)

These people are no doubt the extremely  complicated person. You can hardly make out what’s running in their mind . the minute you think you have understood them , they will flip into their another side. Mostly wanting to stay aloof they people are a bit of a loner.


The Distance (4 October – 3 November)

These people are often willing to travel the road that are less travelled by. Always in searching of doing something unique, they are the most courageous of all the signs. Pay attention girls, they can be the best choice for life partners as they have the ability to stand through all the odds and ends of life.


Child of the World (4 November – 3 December)

More prone to fall into the poor company, these people are not very fortunate. Usually garner unwanted attention. Professionally they hit the pace but they often screws things in their personal life


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