BharatGPT – Joint AI Project of Reliance & IIT Bombay To Rival ChatGpt

Highlights :

– Reliance Jio and IIT Bombay partnering for ‘Bharat GPT’ project

– Focus on utilizing AI to revolutionize industries in India

– Part of Jio’s larger vision of ‘Jio 2.0’

– Plans to introduce own television operating system

– Developing a 5G platform for private networks

– Bharat GPT technology to be integrated into telecom products

– Launch date expected in early 2024

– Plans to provide 5G package to businesses of all sizes

– Jio is a startup that encourages young entrepreneurs to make a positive impact on society.

Famous Indian telecommunication company, Reliance Jio Infocomm, is preparing to introduce an innovative project in partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay called the ‘Bharat GPT’ program. This initiative, announced by Reliance Jio’s chairman Akash Ambani, aims to utilize advanced language models and generative artificial intelligence (GPT) to revolutionize multiple industries in India.

The Bharat GPT initiative is a component of Jio’s larger vision, referred to as “Jio 2.0,” which centers on establishing a complete network of advancement. The partnership with IIT Bombay has been in place since 2014, and the goal of the program is to investigate the immense possibilities of artificial intelligence in promoting innovation in various products and services.

Aside from the Bharat GPT initiative, Ambani announced that Reliance Jio is also focusing on creating its television operating system. This OS aims to improve the overall user experience on Jio’s devices and strengthen the company’s range of services. Ambani emphasized the company’s dedication to introducing new products and services in areas such as media, commerce, communication, and devices. He revealed that Jio has been actively developing its television operating system and is currently finalizing plans for its release.

Additionally, Akash Ambani emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence in shaping the future, emphasizing that AI will impact all aspects of products and services. He discussed the company’s vision of developing a 5G platform for private networks that serves businesses of all scales and reaffirmed Jio’s dedication to promoting technological progress in India.

The specific date for when Bharat GPT will be released has not been revealed, but it is anticipated that Jio will announce it sometime in the first few months of 2024. This AI technology is expected to be integrated into Jio’s telecom products, allowing users to activate it through voice commands and gestures. This will reduce the need for human involvement and make using Jio on all platforms more convenient.

Ambani expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming launch of 5G private networks, where Jio intends to provide a 5G package to businesses of all sizes. He described India as the leading hub for innovation in the next ten years and expressed confidence in the country achieving a USD 6 trillion economy by the end of the decade.Illustrating the widespread use of AI in daily life, Ambani shared an example of using an AI app to control mattress temperature. He emphasized that for Jio, AI stands for both artificial intelligence and “all-inclusive.”

Ambani also motivated young entrepreneurs to not be afraid of failure, positioning Jio as the world’s largest startup. He encouraged them to make a positive impact on society while remaining passionate about their work.

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