Weird Types of Insurance You Never Knew Existed

We all know what importance does insurance policies have in our lives. Over the years, insurance companies have widened their area and started covering all your possible assets. From your body parts to your broken wedding expenditure everything.  Learn about all of them here in this article below.


  • Insurance against Death by Laughter.

In a comedy troupe, a comedian died of laughter. BBC says that this troupe was so confident in his humour that it asked Lloyd to cover for their members death. Just in case if any member dies of death again.


  • Essential Employee Insurance

It’s for those important people of an organisation of a company that the company actually takes out an insurance if I’m case if they leave or dies. It’s known as a layperson or Lehman’s insurance.


  • Kidnapping and Ransom Insurance

It might sound like something out of the box but yes it exists! You can rescue yourself if you have been kidnapped and get your Ransom money back after claiming the insurance. Travelers insurance advice people to definitely go for item.

  • Multiple Birth Insurance

Well, giving birth to twins is indeed a great thing but the expenses multiply up to two times. In Great Britain, it’s possible to go for insurance if you wanna have twins or more than one baby. For instance,  parents can buy an insurance during the initial times of pregnancy and if they welcome twins they will be awarded with a heavy money price.

  • Body Part Insurance

Many people insure their body-parts that earn them money.  For eg. singer Rocker Bruce Springsteen has already insured his voice with Lioyd’s of London in case if he loses it, unfortunately. Dolly Parton has covered her bosom for $ 300,00 each. There are various body part options available to cover up with insurance. Like finger,  buttocks, taste buds etc.

  • Hole-in-one prize Insurance

In many charities or tournaments where they Leonie to award with the prize money or car to the winners, the organisers generally protect themselves through these insurance policies in order to cover the prize money in case someone wins the tournament.


  • Insurance for a change of mind

You don’t want to marry this guy whom you got engaged lately but cannot refuse because your parents have done all the bookings. Well, nowadays no worries, to protect you against any cold feet wedsyre offers a variety of insurance offers that would save you from both going broke and a wrong relationship. Your parents would get all the money back if you have decided to separate your ways. But their only clause is to cancel the wedding at least 1year I’m advanced of the planned date.

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