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Inspiration Crazy Facts You Don’t Know About Starbucks

Crazy Facts You Don’t Know About Starbucks


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Starbucks is undoubtedly one of the best retailers of beautifully satisfying caffeinated drinks. With an annual revenue of $10.7 billion and over 18,000 shops in 40 countries, Starbucks is so popular worldwide, it doesn’t even put its brand name on the cups anymore.

So, let’s checkout some crazy-cool facts about your favourite cafe.

  • There are over 87,000 possible drink combinations at Starbucks
  • Starbucks has added an average of 2.5 stores on a daily basis since 1987. There are currently 21,536 Starbucks stores around the world. What’s even crazier is from 2010 to today, there were 4,678 – so if you do math, it will be 2.5 stores / day on an average.
  • Starbucks spends more on the healthcare insurance of its employees than on its coffee beans – last year it spent whopping $300 million on its employees’ health insurance.
  • At 916 mL – the Starbucks Trenta contains more liquid than the average human stomach can hold
  • A Venti Starbucks Coffee contains five times the caffeine of a Red Bull.
  • The original Starbucks logo showed a suggestively posed mermaid with exposed breasts.
  • Starbucks had 137,000 employees or “partners” as they call them in 2010. This is twice the population of Greenland.
  • Starbucks uses over 93 million gallons of milk per year, enough to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • There’s a Ban on Smells. Since aroma is so crucial for a great Starbucks experience, the employees are asked not to use any perfume, customers are restricted to smoke and in no circumstances pastrami can be stored in the premise.


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