Feminist Bloggers Who Are On A Rage To Bring A Change In Women’s Life

With the more and more women coming forward boldly, and putting forth their thoughts and ideas about protecting women rights, a major chunk of the population have been forced to change their narrow thoughts and stereotypes that have always bound women. Thus, let’s look at some of these tigress who are on a rage to create this world a better place for women.   


  1. Sanjukta Basu

Sanjukta has bagged many laurels to her name. This Bengali writer is not just a travel writer but a wedding photographer, and an active feminist blogger. Awarded with TED Fellowship for her powerful blogs  Sanjukta has recently launched a social media consultancy firm i.e “Sanjukta media”.


  1. Sangitha Krishnamurthy

Her blogs containsand reveal sensitive issue that includes prostitution, molestation, marital rape and so on. Sangitha has always loved writing and through her writing she has reflected some vital stories and parts of her life she spent in Bangluru with her parents.  


  1. Amita Mukherjee

Amita is actually a fierce journalist who took up blogging after the birth of her baby. Playing both the roles of a mother and a freelancer she has written a fiction book “ Exit interview”. She has always been concerned about women’s issue and thus hopes to bring about some change in their lives with her qwriting.


  1. Unmana Dutta

Unmana Dutta , is a marketing professional with her specilisation in content marketing. The author of the book “Voices in my head”, Unmana is constantly trying to awake people of what actually feminism is all about. She kept blogging for 100 days on spreading awareness for positive feminism and created a series called “ Feminist Joys” in 2015.    


  1. Suranga Date

Suranga started her blogging journey in 2006, after she got retired from IITB as a technical staff in the department of Computer Science. Through the “Ugich Konari” which is her blog name she describes the various accounts of her childhood where she has faced and seen other women suffering discrimination and partiality.  


  1. Richa singh

Rich, also known as subzeroricha is an active blogger on twitter who is not at all afraid of expressing her thoughts and speak her mind in the public.Most of her blogs are woman-centric , and through her blogs she has always tried to enlighten women for their rights. She is the main face behind Blog Chatter that engages into conducting weekly twitter chats with all the bloggers discussing controversial issues.     


  1. Nabanita dhar

A budding author and a freelance writer, Nivedita reveals her random thoughts and ideas through her blogs. A mother of a child, she sums up the journey of her motherhood in “ MommyTalks”. Owning a series called ‘ Feminist mondays’ Nivedita, has put forth a series of posts about gender equality and other sensitive issues.


On a rage to fight for women’s right, these feminist bloggers are a great example of women empowerment. So, next time when you think of women to be a weaker sex , just take a look at them !!!


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