Stories that will Restore your faith in humanities

In a time, where the daily headlines are flooded with the brutal and blood chilling incidents, it’s really tough for people to keep their head held high and believe in the significance of humanity. But just when we become hopeless, a light at the end of the tunnel appears and we are reminded of the magnanimity that still exists.

Here are some such tales that will reimpose your faith in humanity :

Mohamed Bazeek, residing in Los Angeles is a truly selfless man concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than his own. For the past 20 years, devoted his life to terminally ill children present  in the L.A Foster care system. Throughout the past two decades, Bazeek has been a messiah for about 40 children and is presently a savior to a 6 year old girl who is blind, deaf as well as paralyzed. The girl is his “eye candy” and Bazeek showers love upon her like a father would do.

2. One fine Saturday morning in January, a mosque in Victoria Islamic center was set on fire by an arsonist. Soon the fire took all over the building but the community extended the helping hands and the Jewish and the chrisitian community of Victoria were on their toes to help, they offered their churches for about 150 people to worship and within few hours GO Fund ME account was arranged to seek fund in order to rebuild the burnt infrastructure again. More than $ 1 million was raised from people of all the communities.

3. This one story will definitely leave you stupefied. Stephen parker got trapped under his Toyota while an another car fell on him on one bad day. J.T, his 17 year old son tried to rescue his father with the use of car jack and to everyone’s surprise he succeeded. Further J.T stated that angels appeared to help him out and give him the needed strength.

4. People like johnny give us the ideas that if you really wanna help somebody with something no hurdle can control you. Johnny in his teenage decided to help the children when he first visited to Georgia Baptist Children’s Home. Since, johnny was too young to adopt any child he fished out an another way to help them out. He began collecting aluminum. Papers and things he could later cash them into money. Till now Johnny has donated almost around $ 4,000000.

Thus, as earlier stated there’s dawn to every dusk, and a light at the end of each tunnel and so is the thing with humanity


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