You Think These Popular Brands Are Desi? Well, Not Really!!

We bet you didn’t know these staple products are not desi at all. All of us are so used to these products that we really find it hard to sink in the fact that these integral part of our daily lives are actually not Indian. Thus, here is a list of some Desi staple products that are not Desi at all.

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While we crave for chocolates, all we can think of is the purple packet of cadbury dairy milk chocolates. But did you know, it not an Indian but a It’s a Mondelez brand , a spinoff of kraft inc.


Bata is our go to brand for any kinda footwear, be it school shoes, sandals or slippers.Bata happens to be our first choice. But do you know this is not Indian too. It’s actually a czech company owned by Thomas Bata.


Vicks vaporub : our saviour for all the coughs and colds right from our childhood, this brand Vicks can be found in any household in India. But did you know it’s actually an American brand that has been used majorly by Indians.



This Indian bestseller product that has been with us since ages is owned by unilever.



This best budget buy pen is everyone’s favourite in India, but did you know that the brand is owned by Newell Rubbermaid.



“Lifebuoy hai jahan tandurusti hai wahan” zingle is often heard in all the households of India. But it’s not at all an Indian brand. The brand is owned by Lever brothers and made by Unilever.  



What If I tell you that one of the most staple food of our generation is not made by an Indian brand.yes, the brand is owned by Nestle, a Swiss conglomerate.



It’s one health drink India has always swore by ages. It’s been favourite of all the generations in India. You will easily found plenty of it’s container in all the household. But this brand too is no Indian but a British one.



While we think of coffee all, what flashes in our mind is the red sachet of Nescafe. It has been reigning in India from ages. But this too is a brand of nestle.



They introduced low-budget phones that made them the leaders in the Indian telecom market. They created phones that were specially designed to reign in Indian market.. But to our surprise this too is not an Indian but a Korean Brand.



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