Drive 80Km @ Rs.10 – Everything You Need To Know About India’s Telsa : Ather 450

While the petrol prices have been turning more volatile with each passing day, Bangalore based vehicle startup is all set to  combat the heavy petrol prices with their e-scooters Ather 450 and Ather 340. Designed for city riding purpose, it’s pre-booking has been started with a bang!!!

Tesla fulfilled the wish world desired!  A car that was a better competition to the existing cars. In all the parameters and characteristics a vehicle can be judged. Teslas are: Superfast!, smart, drive fabulously well, tech-savvy, cheaper, low cost maintenance, has an effective and a great customer executive service and totally electronic.. When we compare Ather to Tesla, there is a bunch of characteristics and features we get to see in common!

Ather is Fast!, smart, will rides superbly well, tech-savvy, cheaper to run, quite low on maintenance, amazing customer care service(that’s still to be assumed) and yes, all electronic!!

In the process to impress India which happens to be the third largest consumer of oil in the world, Ather targets to electrify India by introducing the gospel of EVs.

The launch started with the AtherGrid a series of about 30 charging points that has been  strategically placed across Bengaluru, India, Ather is trying its best to get its system ready before its product… the Ather 450 electric scooter. With a top speed of 80km/h, an acceleration of 0-40 in 3.9 seconds, and a range of 75kms, the Ather 450 is India’s first tech-laden smart electronic scooter.

Consisting  an edgy visual characteristic, a storm-trooper color combination (plus some vivacious green hints), the Ather 450 definitely is an Indian Tesla on two-wheeler. It sports a 7″ touchscreen dashboard that allows onboard navigation with options of alternative routes and saved locations. It also has an Ather app that allows push navigation from your phone to the vehicle dashboard, remote monitoring of the vehicle health, and charge monitoring.Bluetooth connectivity. Furthermore, with the over-the-air (OTA) updates, the Ather 450 has a room for much more capabilities and improvements with continuous updates new features and functionalities.

The Ather 450 also hits the problems by managing to offer fast-charging up to 80% at 1km/minute of charging time. Use the AtherGrid to fill up your vehicle or rely on any 5A socket to charge your EV. It also allows for an amazing feature that has never been introduced in the past i.e ‘parking assist’, which enables riders to reverse into tight parking spots… making the Ather 450 the fabulous e-scooter that India truly deserves!!

Electronic scooters were only perceived as geeky, uncool scooters used by eco-friendly people Ather has altogether given it a different new definition by making a electric scooter that drives not only amazingly superfast but also gives the entire category a hint of coolness and aspiration value.

While we see  Ather Energy trying to strive hard stand as Indian ‘Tesla’, there are other noticeable players in the market like Twenty Two Motors, Okinawa Autotech, and Okinawa Ridge. Twenty Two motors raised about  $1.6 million pre-Series A funding. They had introduced their electric scooter ‘Flow’ to India some weeks ago.

Give a thumbs down to the raising petrol prices and book your Ather 450 now!!


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