Inspiration Yes! These Weird Products Exist & You won't resist...

Yes! These Weird Products Exist & You won’t resist to add them to your cart


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Nowadays, You can buy anything like literally anything.The internet has a plethora of cool and down right crazy products. Explore the online superstore With these bizarre but hilariously funny products !!!!!


  1. Cow dung cakes.

Yep you heard it right ! cow dung cakes are used on every religious occasions in every household. Many online stores including Amazon provides these cakes at your doorstep  i8n proper colour, dimensions and packaging.


2. Blood stained bath Mat

Scare your husband next time when he comes from office and heads towards getting a hot shower. Just place this red stained bath mat at the bathroom entrance.



3.The “Boyfriend’s Pillow”

for when you really need someone to cuddle with.

This is a perfect companion for all those single ladies out there. You can feel the embrace of a man who would never snore, smell, or irritate you.


4.The Go Girl Urination Device.

Now you can pee like a man!! It’s a simple use and throw product for those women who hates using unfriendly unhygienic public toilets. It’s spill proof and a great travel accessory for females.


5.The desk pillow

Perfect for those hungover days at the office.

A perfect pillow for days at office when you just don’t feel like working anymore and tired as hell and the times when you need a quick nap.


6.The hand claw spikes

They will have you climbing trees like a ninja!

Be a super ninja with these claw spikes that enables you to climb any tree in a super easy way. Best for using during your leisure and picnic times withy your kids.

7.The Selfie Brush

And this is the best gifts for girls who wants even their random selfies to be superb. You just stick your phone in the back of the brush, which makes it easier to hold when it’s selfie time.


  1. A pair of instant undies because you never know when you’re going to need them while travelling.


9.Fake Butt Undergarment

Get that Kim Kardashian’s but by donning this item that comes with elastic bands to hold it in place and be the head turner.


  1. Mini Toilet-golf Set

If you don’t get time to hit the golf course this mini in house golf set is for you. Practice this Golf set while performing other thing in the background.



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