What Kids Get For School Lunches In Other Countries

Is your child bored of having the same roti and sabji for lunch throughout the year?? Well, steal these lunch ideas from all over the nation and make and fill up your little ones box with exciting dishes and be a magic mommy in no time.


Buenos Aires, the  children here usually prefer baked potato and an empanada with thin slices of meat.


Spain : The lunchbox consists here the cream of vegetables soup, pan-fried veal with salad, a piece of bread with some fruits.


Madrid ; The another meal that children love to have here is an omelet vegetable soup, a banana with some yogurt.


London : the kids here love to hog onto pastas, broccoli, sponge cake with custard and bananas during the midtime.


Havana: people generally here prefer a bowl of rice, chicken croquette, a piece of taro root yellow pea soup and a fruit drink of their choice.


Singapore : kids favourite lunch here consists a bowl of fresh cut salads with some homemade bread, fruits, soup and barley.


Indonesia : Rice, tofu, meatball soup and vegetables are the all they prefer during their lunch time.


India : The lunch boxes of the children here are packed with some chapatis with a hint of butter on it, seasonal green vegetables and spicy chutney.


Uruguay : students are provided soups prepared from the vegetables here that grows in the school premises.


China ; Children here get rice beans with some vegetable soups.


Pakistan : The children here are generally given home cooked lunches that included cooked rice, chicken nuggets, boiled eggs , minced mutton or beef.


Japan : Japanese children usually eat a bowl of rice with some fresh seasonal vegetable soup.


New York : they majorly focus on the intake of fresh veggies and fruits. Their lunch consists of baked beans, a meatball sub, carrots, peaches and some hot chocolate to drink.


Bubyee feeling hungry for now..!!



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