Behave Well With Your Pakora Wala Bhaiya – He’s Probably Richer Than You’re

Well, this one is for all the mockers out there, who mocked the prime minister Modi for his statement of selling “pakodas” and become self-employed. A pakoda vendor in Ludhiana has not just backed up Modi’s statement but has proved himself far better than what he could ever expect.


While the day-long inspection took place on Thursday last week, Panna Singh Pakodewala surrendered 60 lakhs to the income tax. The income tax department took this raid on two main outlets of Panna Singh Pakodewala, the one at Gill Road and the other at Model Town. reports are that the department was informed about Panna Singh to be hiding his actual income.


While the survey by the teams of IT department was taking place, the officers verified the total financial reports of the enterprise as well as took a brief look of his total daily earning by sitting on his counter-cash all day on Thursday. Based on it, the department verified the actual amount to be paid rather than what he was actually paying.


The actual undisclosed income proved to be about 60 Lakhs. According to the sources, Late Panna Singh established his small Pakoda shop at Gill Road, that gained its share of popularity in Punjab and other states as well. It drove everyone crazy with its special paneer pakodas and Dahi Bhalla and people from all walks of life came here to relish its mouth-watering pakodas and thus, managed to expand its business so wide. I’m sure PM Modi must be proudly waiting with his arms open wide to give him an applause with a warm hug.


Hence, this proves that you just need one big unique innovative idea be it small or big and no one can stop you from turning into a billionaire.

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