These Words of Wisdom By Indian Godmen Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Feel enlightened by these precious words of these self-proclaimed baba’s that were once considered no less than God but now are underground or behind the bars.

“E= mc2 because intensity is different from a non-veg eating crooked brain which has only seen ups and downs !” – Nithyananda
“ Eggs come out of chicken’s arse, hence it’s not protein, it’s shit. You are all eating shits” – Baba Ramdev.
“I’ll learn magic from Salman Khan so that I could also get bailed out easily.” – Asharam Bapu
“The time has come for Hindu women to produce 4 children to protect the religion”.
Sakshi Maharaj
5. “ As far as the theory of evolution is concerned I have read no book called “ The fact of evolution” – Zakir Nair.

6.” When I used to play, I used to play with Ranji players. I would open the bowling, open the battling, could bowl off spin, leg spin, keep wickets and fields anywhere. – Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh”.

7. “Control your languez ( Language) I’m not your yaar !!” – Thakur ji Maharaj.
8. “Hari chutney k sath do samose khaso kripa aani shuru ho jaegi” – Nirmal Baba.
9. “ I have cheated on death once and came back in life” – Swami om
10. “Tum bhi pagal, hum bhi pagal, paglon ki toli” – Radhe Ma.

Already feeling privileged ?????

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