Hacks If You Wanna Hide That Treacherous Hickey

Well, while many of us are not so lucky enough to bag a hickey from our lovers buy a hickey, of spotted by someone can certainly bring about some embarrassment especially in a public place that’s sure to fetch some giggles and naughty comments. To keep these at bay here are some quick tips and tricks to treat hickey as if it wasn’t even there.

  1. Apply some fresh aloe vera gel twice a day as it promotes the healing.
  2. Rub some ice cubes all over the area in order to minimize and reduce the swelling.
  3. Find out a cylindrical object and press it hard on the area for nearly 5 minutes and you will see a decrease in the blood clot and the swelling as well.
  4. Take a coin and scrap on your mark to reduce the clotting of the blood.
  5. Well, a quick cheat sheet would be to apply some concealer or foundation to hide your love bite.
  6. Get some massage or cream oil made up of Vitamin-K and rub it all over your hickey to promote the healing.
  7. Wear a scarf, well, you can choose light scarf for the summers.
  8. Get some banana peel to your rescue. Yes, rub some back of the banana peel on the hickey for around 20-30 mins and repeat this procedure twice or thrice a day.
  9. Apply ss twice or thrice a day.
  10. If your hickey still refuses to go even it’s been 3-4 days. Apply some wet washcloth soaked in warm water for sometime in the affected place to allow new blood to circulate throughout the area.
  11. Using a soft bristle with less pressure on the hickey can stimulate the blood flow around the hickey. Just repeat this process many times a day and bid adieu to your hickey.


Got a hickey?? Just try any of them and do lemme know. !! 

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