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Funny Google Searches That Will Make You Laugh All Day


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Have you ever been bored to death and thought of being creative with google?. Well it’s a really fun thing to do when  you certainly are bored after scrolling through numerous newsfeeds and youtube videos.


1.Why can’t we pronounce 11 as onety one? Well, it might be a valid question.



  1. Why do I fart all the time? Gross !!


  1. Proposing google. Google will you marry me?


4.Where to donate a testicle. Who would want one?


  1. Why is my goldfish turning black?


6.What is a boyfriend and where can I download it ? I too wanna know the site.

7.How can I get converted into pdf


8. Is it normal to eat period blood.


  1. “Sometimes I like to pretend I’m a carrot”. Yes this too has been one of google’s recent searches.


10.Do men get periods ? I guess these might be the searches of women because the men obviously know the answer. Lol !!


11.Can a human get pregnant by an animal. Yes. I know it’s an absurd question but people have been searching this too.


  1. Is it not good if your poop floats. Well the internet is flooded with such poppy questions.


13.How do I quit my job?  This must have been a frustrated employee.


  1. Semen based recipes. Are you too wondering about the ingredients?


  1. Is it normal to be sexually attracted with numbers?

Poor google, had she been a human, she would have wracked her brain up. !!!



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