Inspiration Beautiful and Strange Bicycle Designs

Beautiful and Strange Bicycle Designs


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Planning to buy a bicycle ?? well, forget the old mainstream boring designs and take a look at these cool, funky, unique one of its kind designs to rock that bicycle ride once again.   

  1. Stand up! This unique bicycle can be driven without you sitting on it.

  1. Your Handy : This all new trendy bicycle has nothing to do with your legs as all you would need is your hands to ride it.

  1. Ride low. Aren’t low riders sexy?

  1. Get set go..!! Let’s runnn…

  1. Your go-to four wheeler. This quadricycle will be your own very own car for anytime anywhere and yea any place !!


  1. Why should babies not have all the fun? You usually find bike with a kid’s seat attached with it. But tadaa…. It’s a kid’s seat with a bike attached on it.

  1. Bamboo bike. Go all green with this bamboo bike that’s not only durable but auspicious and would bring you ounces of luck.

  1. And we twist…!!! What?? Is it a spider’s bike?

  1. Shop around. Who needs shopping carts when we have these bicycles with shopping carts attached in one.

  1. Airless tires : This maintenance-free bicycle is designed in order to fulfill the city friendly functions.

  1. Now surf with bike. Red shark bikes have introduced series of bicycles that will allow cyclists to experience aquatic planes.

  1. Your own camp. Anywhere anytime! Austrian inflatable tent specialist gentletent has brought up a unique pop-up bike camper for cyclists.

  1. Solar Power bikes : This all new electric bicycle needs a solar-powered charging pack for riders to stay pedal free.

  1. Motorized Bicycle : It comes with a spring seat, wooden fenders, leather saddle and an accessory ride.

  1. Battery-free Bike. Arara turns on the light of the cycle’s entire wheel and guess what ?? you don’t need to change batteries.

  1. Electric BMX

Don’t let any mountain, or potholes stand asa hurdle in your way with this all new mountain bike created by ENKI.


SO, what do you think is gonna be your choice ???



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