Indian Companies That Pay High & You Will Love to Retire From There

Here is a glimpse of top 16 dream companies, that will give you a slight glimpse of how is it like to become a part of them.

1.Google India

While most of us just wanna run away from our workplace as soon as the clock hits 8, the lucky employees of Google India finds its environment so rocking that they even wanna attend the office on weekends. Google knows all the right ways to nurture their employees skill and bring about all the potential in them. Out of all the perks, some of the best ones include outdoor, indoor games, flexible work schedule, massage parlours, gym and sleep pods. Like what else one needs ??  



  1.  Marriott Hotels.

At Marriott, the staffs here are introduced as associates and not employees. Within the span of just 15 years this company has been able to establish a workplace where each and every associate is valuable for them and can open up to the perks like staff discounts, health benefits etc. provided by them.


  1. SAP labs India

Sap provides 20 weekdays long maternity leaves for women and they can even avail themselves paid adoption leaves. The breakfast for its employees is provided by the senior officials of the company and seriously, one couldn’t have asked more.


  1. American Express

It’s one such place that looks after your professional as well as your personal mattes. They introduce a program called smart savings that educates them to save their money for a longer term plan and also provides health care benefits to its pregnant women employees.


  1. Intel Technology

Intel provides two important bonus programs in a year apart from the rest healthcare programs. Employees also get the benefit of annual vacation leave and financial support for further studies. And the most exciting part, the employees here gets various outdoor games to remain stress-free those are Basketball, volleyball, cricket and several other games.   


  1. Wipro

Along with a friendly environment, the employees here are provided professional and personal grooming that shapes one’s life. The perk of working in Wipro is abundant. Free maternity leaves, paid extended leaves yearly incentives, counseling and much more.


  1. Canon

Canon has a major concern for their workers. It provides them annual health check-ups and camps, accident insurances, to them and their families too.


  1. Standard Chartered Bank

Unlike, the other banks in India, here the employees are required to work only 5 days a week. And the friday is the “ The happy friday” for them that brings fun activities cheerful environment for them. In order to facilitate their wome4n employees they have established a daycare centre called “ Colours of Joy”.   


  1. Make my trip

At MMT, the employees are provided a chance to participate in various fun and exciting new activities. They have rock band performances, theme day, sports activities, medical incentives and some extra incentives to keep their employees all pepped up.  


  1. Bharti Airtel.

Apart from the flexible work schedules, they provide permission to work from home, or part time for some specific period of time. Ah!! This one is something I really need !!. It does everything to fetch the utmost productivity from the employees. Besides giving them the facility of 6 months leave for medical or educational purposes it provides them  daycare, grocery centre, fitness and spa facilities and much more.



  1. Adobe

It’s a great company specially for women employees. They provide benefits that encourages their workers and boosts their confidence. Apart from the leaves and incentives. It provides loads of coverage plans for employee’s health and education plans.


  1. Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever provides its employees a variety of recreational activities like Yoga classes, meditation room, open library and a quality learning at Aditya Birla Schools.


  1. Kotak Mahindra bank


Apart from providing basic medical facilities, it has introduced some really exciting perks for its employees. From the screening of Bollywood and Hollywood movies to all kinds of games and meditation and Naturopathy too.


  1. Netapp India

The culture here is quite innovative, and the facilities that are provided is truly a boon that the employees get here. If you are someone looking to learn more and more, this one’s the right place for you. Employees are provided great incentive after every month of the year.


  1. DHL Express India

Apart from availing flexible shift timings, DHL provides great incentives to their workers and an excellent environment to keep them stress-free. The culture here is quite friendly and you would never wanna leave once you have joined this place.  


  1. Lemon Tree Hotels

It’s quite fun working here. They have flexible work timings and a serene work environment. The best part is all the members of the hotel staff is considered equal. Weekend games, free transportation, lunch etc. are some of the salient features of this company.

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