No Degree? No Worries! You can Still Bag a 5-figure Job in These Top Companies

Drop-out – a tag that puts a limit to your ability. Well, if I say, your degree no longer defines your capability. Would you believe ? I guess No! Trust me ! there are companies that no longer needs your hot to trott resume in order to judge your ability and no they are no ordinary places but one of the top best work places where people try their best to bag a job !

Glassdoor recently released the list of 15 top employers that don’t consider your degree as your milestones. And the recruiters among them are Google, Apple, IBM and EY. nowadays, companies are more inclined towards recruiting employees with the experience and skills that are best suitable for their company.

Google admitted that for them college degrees are mostly irrelevant matter of consideration and what they highly seek is Skills in their hiring process. Many engineers are paving their way to the core banking sector or development and marketing that proves that even though they have their mastery in a particular subject but their skill sets have taken them to the other directions as well.

But yes! Hold on, that does not mean your existing degrees are worthless. A university is a place where you perceive knowledge and an employer’s values.What I mean is without skills what will you do with your degree ? The ideas and ability for surviving in the real world comes from the skills you have and not mere with the degrees.

People who do not get the opportunity to go to the school get the opportunity to change the world and we should do anything to find those people is what Google’s former SVP of People Operations Laszlo Bock believes in.

Thus, all you need to do is to focus on sharpening your skills and jobs will certainly follow you .!!


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