Common English Mistakes Made by Indians

Grammatical mistakes are a big no-no in today’s era. Take a look at some common errors people usually make and keep yourself updated.

  1. The use of “ Me” as the first word in a sentence.


People generally frame the sentence using “me” this way : Me and Riya went to have some talk. Well, this is incorrect ! it’s not the “ me”  used in the first place but I and Riya went to have some talk.


  1. Emigrated to

Emigrate and “ From” always go hand in hand like the immigrate and “to”.


  1. Too much use of Apostrophes

The apostrophes are used mercilessly anywhere anytime. But always remember to put it on a proper place.if you wanna refer to a group without mentioning everyone’s name just write “ the Mehtas’’ company.


  1. Piece of mind.

Well, this one is the most common of all. People generally write “piece” instead of “ peace” while mentioning “ Piece of mind”


5.Wet your appetite

“ whet” means to increase. The word “ Wet” is wrongly used.


  1. All the sudden

Well, the appropriate term is “ All of a sudden” in case if you wanna say suddenly.


  1. Hot water heater

It’s just a water- heater neither hot nor cold.


8.bold-face -lie

It’s actually “ bald-face-lie”, that means complete shameless.


  1. Tow the line

The accurate phrase is “ toes the line” that means to go by all the protocols.

  1. Repetitive use of literally

Literally means actually, so if you are saying you literally killed him means you murdered him.


  1. Expresso


It might be written as Espresso everywhere but it’s pronounce as “ spresso” .

So, next time remember this when your visit a coffee house.


  1. For-tay

Well, if you are trying to depict if something is not your cup of tea then say it, it’s not my “fort”


  1. Sneak Peak

Well the correct word is peek and not the “ peak” that means to have a quick look of something.


  1. The first year anniversary

The use of “ year” here is useless. It’s just the 1st anniversary or 25th anniversary.


  1. Do diligence

The proper correct legal term is “ Due diligence”


  1. First come-first serve

It’s first come first served actually, otherwise the phrase would mean whoever will arrive first weill serve the rest.


  1. Mentioning the word “ currently” in your bio

It’s a mistake, many people often do.


  1.  Starting the sentence with “ there is or there are”

It’s not actually an error but there are better ways to start a sentence.


  1. Confusing between you are and you’re

Many people confuse your with you’re and that’s just not acceptable.


  1. Except or accept.

People often use accept in place of accept that altogether has a different meaning. To except is to leave and accept means agree

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