What Does Left Hand Palm Itching Signify

According to the myths of the people since ages that when left-hand itches, it means money is on our way. But according to some other folklores, it is believed that when left-hand itches, it means you are about to lose money.

There have been different beliefs and taboos all around. To know what is the right belief, according to the correct notion read our full article below:

Our hands say a lot about our destinies and about forthcoming events of life. We are born with different identities and character traits, which got revealed through the palm reading that is known as palmistry.

But when our palm itch, how we can know the reason behind it. There are many superstitions and scientific reasons.

The spiritual meaning 

When people experience an itchy left hand they would often come into the fear that there will be the loss of money. 

It has been said that when left-hand itches it signifies that goddess Laxmi will leave you. This could lead to a sudden loss in finance, stock market crash, getting robbed, or will incur heavy expenses.

By some other myths, it has been said that itching left hand often linked to good fortune coming your way.

Male and Female

There is a difference of opinions when it comes to male and female palms.

  • By the traditional belief, in females, the right hand is what they are born with it and left hand what they accumulate throughout their lives.
  • So when the left-hand itches in females, it means that good luck and money are on their way. And when right-hand itches, it means bad luck and loss of money awaits.
  • The reverse case happens in males. When the left-hand itches in males, it signifies bad luck coming their way. And when the right-hand itches in males, it signifies good fortune and money are stores for them.

What are superstitions?

Historians have alleged that superstitions have its origin 5000 years ago in Egypt. And then Romans, greeks have come up with their set of superstitions. 

By its literal meaning superstitions are belief or practice that is considered to be irrational or supernatural. A widely held belief spread by supernatural influences.

Some more Left-hand and right-hand superstitions:

  • If your palm itches, you will receive money, and if the back of your hand itches you will lose money.
  •  If your palm itches, you will soon receive money. If you itch it, your money will never come. 
  • If your left-hand itches, you’re going to be rich. If your right-hand itches, you’re going to be poor.
  • Scratching your itchy left hand on the wood will guarantee good fortune

  • According to palmistry,.the left hand is passive or receptive, and the right is active. When the left palm itches, look for new energy or services coming into your life – Of course this will probably cost you some money. The right palm itching means energy or services going out – Work you might get paid for.

These are some of the most widely accepted misconceptions.

Scientific meaning

The scientific cause of itching claims that it happens due to the dryness of the palm and the problem in blood circulation in the body. There other relevant reasons if the palms itch a lot.

If there is excessive itching then wash your hands with water.

  • We will lose money or not, or we would receive rewards or not is all our thinking. Our destinies get affected with our firm faith in something, if we say with a lot of belief that it is right and that is wrong, our mind will also think that way. 
  • And when our mind and heart are aligned, the circumstances will be like what we are thinking.
  • The same is true for the thinking of left-hand itching, if we believe that it will itch,  I will receive money then it will happen. And on the other hand, if we believe that it will cause a loss of money than it will happen.

A bucket full of superstitions can affect our state of mind and our behavior in a negative way as well.

  • In India, since centuries we have myths about certain practices which we have carried until now. Everyone has superstitions regarding religion or any other belief. Superstitions attribute to a lack of proper education.
  • In India and other countries as well, educated people have multiple myths.
  • But it is in India the statistics of myths and folklores are in high numbers. India is bounded by cultures and many religions.
  • It’s our human nature to believe in something or any practices which will harm us or benefit us as our part of living.

Though every superstition is not irrational, every belief has its cause rooted whether it has spiritual meaning or scientific meaning.

If by our superstitious notions anything does not happen we will tend to disbelief that myth for life. It is our human tendency to see the desired results as per our beliefs.

If we trace back the root cause of left-hand itching, we will see that it came from Saxons and celts beliefs.

  • Saxons popularized the reason behind itching, they are a german tribe who famously went to the U.K with angels in the 5th century.
  • In their culture, rubbing one’s skin on silver was a sure cure for any topical diseases. This ultimately turned into the superstition that an itch meant silver was coming your way. 

And with time, left-hand itching became a signal for money coming in.

  • In Celtic traditions, touching wood was a superstition in itself that was meant to guarantee good luck. Celts were the Indo-European tribe living in mainland Europe.
  • When both the traditions settled in the British area and their beliefs got mixed together, the itchy palm superstitions emerged.
  • Eventually, people on the British Isles (where Celts and Saxons lived) started to believe that the only way to itch a scratchy palm without undoing its good luck was by scratching it on wood. 

Knowing the root cause of superstitions are relevant to understand the significance of its presence.

After all, these superstitions in some way ignite the ray of hope in people’s lives.

Who doesn’t want to dream about having money when their left-hand itch?

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