Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoos for a Risk-free Hair Washing

 We understand your worry about your damaged hair caused by the pollution filled environment in which we are living. 

We have researched and found out 13 chemical-free shampoos for you to experience back the times of natural-looking hair.

When it comes to our hair, how possessive we become towards its care. To clean our scalp we have been for quite a period using shampoos,  which consists of chemicals in it. The shampoo is a necessity for our hair

To our surprise, we hardly know the severity of the chemicals on our scalp.

One such chemical compound to be found in shampoos are sulfate and paraben. 

  • Sulfates are highly corrosive acid used as cleaning agents. They are extensively found in detergents, household cleaners and cosmetic products such as shampoo. This chemical is valuable in many industries due to its cleaning properties.
  • On the other side is paraben which is used as a preservative in cosmetic products.
  • They contain a series of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid in their compound. These are synthetic components used in deodorants, shaving gel, toothpaste, and shampoo.

Shea moisture raw shampoo

SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter shampoo will moisturize and repair the most over-processed and damaged hair with sulfate-free ability. It nourishes the scalp from deep within hence saying bye to the dry, frizzy, brittle and coarse hair.

It also comes with the trio combination set of shampoo, restorative conditioner, and deep treatment masque which is the perfect way to have naturally healthy hair. It has everything necessary for the hair.

Kiehl’s damage repairing shampoo

This shampoo has been scientifically proven for the long-lasting hair. It acts as the perfect damage repair shampoo.

For those recovering from a hair straightener addiction, this is the shampoo for you. It’s infused with moringa tree oil to rebuild damaged, fried, and broken hair strands.

Pantene Pro-V shampoo  

Pantene pro-v shampoo daily has been designed to be used as nourishment and moisturizing shampoo. It gets infused with the hair and provides maximum hydration to the scalp which permeates every strand and fights all damage.

When you use it, it won’t make a tangled mess of your strands, according to Allure digital editor Jihan Forbes. After washing her hair with this, she slathered on a deep conditioner and found that her hair wasn’t as tangled as it could be. “Getting rid of any remaining snags was a breeze,”

Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish Shampoo

Coconut, jojoba, and macadamia oils are just a few of the key goodies in this shampoo recommended by cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. 

 A mixture of coconut oil and superfruit formula added in the sulfate-free, paraben-free, and vegan shampoo. Garnier is all rescue for your damage frizzy strands. It is your curl’s best friend.

Noughty Care Taker shampoo

It gives instant relief from dry, itchy and dandruff free scalp, and is gentle enough for all the family hair.

Soothe your scalp with this shampoo, which is made with 97 % natural ingredients i.e oatmeal and bisabolol extracts.

 Packed with ingredients to help you fight dandruff and dryness, this affordable shampoo gently cleanses your irritated scalp, finally, you can chill.

Living proof perfect hair day shampoo

Busy bees, listen up — you can wash your hair less often with the magic formula in this bottle. The gentle shampoo washes away oil, dirt, and product buildup while smoothing and strengthening hair.

WOW Skin Science Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo 

Exposing your hair to everyday pollution and dirt can leave it dull, and lifeless with no shine and strength to your hair.

This organic paraben free and sulfate free shampoo is made with pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, sweet almond and argan oil. 

It detoxifies the hair and scalp by clearing build-up caused by dust and dead cells and styling products. 

It even reduces dandruff making our hair so clean and clear. And giving our hair and scalp more breathing capacity.

Khadi natural amla and bhringraj hair

It comes with a perfect blend of amla, reetha, almond oil, harathki, bhringraj, neem, and reetha. This hair shampoo makes it all organic pack for those who believe to be primitive in thought when it comes to keeping their hair natural.

 The excellent mixture of this paraben and sulfate-free shampoo makes it the perfect solution for hair fall and dull hair.

It promotes hair growth and is herbal in nature, a chemical-free shampoo!

Aloe Veda cleansing shampoo

 This shampoo is for all of you, who like to have an infusion of oil in their daily hair care routine and for all those who prioritize their hair the most.

Made with a mixture of rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and neem oil, this sulfate and paraben-free shampoo has antibacterial and antifungal properties that give you relief from a dry, itchy scalp.

It gives hair a flawless look making it silkier and shinier.

A highly recommended shampoo for all for the perfect hair with luscious shine.

Richfeel shampoo

Rich in aloe vera and arnica is all that your hair craves for. It gives the maximum nourishment.

This paraben and sulfate-free shampoo rescue your hair from excessive stress and damage by wrapping them in a hydrating formula that refreshes them from within the scalp. 

Not only does it improve the overall softness and shine of your hair, but it also reduces frizz and helps you to maintain luscious and crimson locks of hair throughout the length of the day.

Pure sense shampoo

If you are ever in search of a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo+conditioner combo that is your woe-free solution of hair care, then you don’t need to look farther than PureSense to make a difference to your hair care routine. 

It is infused with macadamia nuts, which are known for their nourishing and soothing nature.

It has a magnificent smell and reduces hair fall making it more strong and resplendent in nature

Redken frizz shampoo

This shampoo from salon favorite Redken is designed to keep your locks smooth and silky, with not a flyaway in sight – even when the humidity is off the charts. 

The secret is Brazilian pracaxi oil, which helps to lock in moisture. Besides, the whole Frizz Dismiss range is free of both sulfates and salts to prevent your hair from drying out, so if you have frizz-prone hair, try using this shampoo with the matching conditioner and treatment.

It nourishes the hair from within giving a professional look.

Rainforest shine shampoo

This sulfate and paraben-free shampoo have become the best selling shampoo since it has been launched. 

It is silicone, paraben, colorant and sulfate-free shampoo which makes it just right to use for natural lively looking hair

 Also, it contains conditioning oils that help to add moisture and shine to the hair. It is highly recommended for people with rough and dry hair.

Do these organic shampoos rinse off all the filth and grime accumulated from the scalp the way other normal shampoos do?

Yes, it does it immaculately. Organic shampoos come with positive effects on the scalp and hair. It works more effortlessly than normal shampoos when it comes to cleaning your hair completely.

Being vigilant and taking the utmost prevention is what is necessary to keep your body healthy for life.  

Hair and face are parts of our body which are in constant exposure to all the toxins of the environment. The world now is more polluted and the human body’s processes have become weaker with time.

Hair makes up our personality, a shiny and healthy hair boosts our overall appearance.  Our hair products contain chemicals that we hardly give adherence to. We ignore the facts because we are palatable with the cleaning capacities of the sulfate, paraben, silicone-filled shampoo.

But are we aware of the detrimental impact of chemical-filled shampoo on our hair?

  • The presence of sulfates, paraben, silicone in our shampoos causes our cell membranes to degenerate. That results in the dry and irritating scalp. It can also trigger excessive hair loss.
  • It has also been claimed that certain parabens are found in tumors. The fact that parabens led to the growth of estrogen which triggers an increase in breast cell division and tumor growth causing breast cancer and other reproductive issues.
  • Sulfates help in removing oil and dirt from the scalp but it takes away the natural oils from the scalp. And makes it brittle and dry. It can also cause redness and itching.

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