Car Hacks That May Save Your Life, Money & Time on Road

This generation spends half of its life in car. For some, it’s their second home. So, why not add a little effort and more quick smart tips to make that time a convenient, cleaned and an organised one?

Go through these smart car hacks that will save your time and those extra penny..

  1. To cool a hot car instantly

If you are looking to cool down your car within seconds, roll down one of its window throughout  the way, then go to the other side of the car and so this open-ended closing procedure multiple times. The temperature of the care will decrease gradually.

2. If your confused between the directions

While unable to find any direction while travelling in a car,  seek help of a fast food delivery place. They probably know all the short and long ways to your destination. to keep your car liquids for spilling up

Use a shower caddy to keep your car liquids in an arranged and proper way.

4. How to fix a scratch

Got a scratch on your car? Apply multiple coat of clear nail polish and see the magic.

5. If you are looking for the method to increase car remote range.

You Got increase your car remote range? Holding your remote under your chin will surely help you with it.

6. How to cool down a car without AC

If you need to cool down your car without turning on the AC while driving, open up the driver’s and passenger’s window.  Keep the windows of the back seat shut and you will get a fresh stroke of breeze.

7. And this will save you from being conned on the roads.

If you need to get your car repaired on the road and don’t want to be conned? Ask your mechanic about the another part of the car that you know is all fine, and you will know if he’s a con or a genuine one.

8. Running short of car air freshener?

Keep a box of dryer sheets in your car, to use it if you don’t have a car freshener. They are not only cheaper,  but long lasting and effective too.You can also use it in case if you hate the smell of those cheap car freshners.

9. Can’t find out the side of the fuel tank

By chance if you have got a car to drive that you don’t know much about, take a look at the arrow next to the gas pump. It shows the side where the gas tank is located.

10.  Get that sticker off your window

Want to get rid of stickers on your car’s window?? Soak some newspaper in the warm water and put the newspaper over the stickers for 10-15 mins.  The stickers will come out.

11. Need to clean cloudy headlights??  

Use some teeth whitening toothpaste to clean those foggy headlights of your car. Apply some toothpaste to the lens cover with the help of a tissue or a wash cloth and rub it all over the lens. After some time, rinse it water thoroughly.

12. Make marking on the window

Going for a long road trip and finding a way to keep your kids entertained  in the car? Buy a pack of colourful dry -Erase markers and place them in their hands to add wings tonight their imaginations.

13. Get rid of those hairs

Want to get rid of dog hairs that just refuses to go??  Fill a spray bottle with water and take a rubber pad. Now you’ll be able to strike off all the hairs from your car’s seat in just a minute.

14. Put Vaseline to use

Here we have a quick tip for you to make your car’s interior New all over again. After removing all the dust just apply a coat of Vaseline with a fresh clean cloth. And Tada… your car will become super shiny once again.

15.  Trash keeper

Instead of putting your garbage off the car’s window or inside the seat pockets of your car, just place a plastic cereal bin lined with a trash polythene bag near the passenger’s seat of your car and use it as your go to dustbin for any long or short journey.

16. To keep odours at bay

If you  are looking for some ways to get rid of that sickening car odours, put some tea bags inside your vehicle’s part like under the seats or slate cupholders. They will instantly drive away the odour and leave a lingering fragrance I’m the car that would effectively last longer.

17. How to clean for air vent

The air vents are sure the most annoying part of the car to clean. It’s not only time taking but a troublesome task too.  To clean it up easily dip a cotton pad in all purpose cleaner and clean the vent or you can even use a foam paintbrush.

18. Drive away those bugs

Even a very effective car wash cannot drive away the splattered bugs off your car. We advise you to take a dryer sheet and dampen it with water, now rub the bug infested area of your car with it. This trick will ship those bugs in no time.

19. How to clean those Cupholders

We all know, it’s a quite tedious task to clean those cup holders in the car as it turns out to look really gross most of the times. Place silicone cupcake liners in those cup holders, which will make it much easier to dump out and wipe clean

20. Your own hat bag

Install a command hook on your car to keep your hat and wallet in place. You can also use it to hold gift bags or grocery bags to avoid getting your things ruined.

21. Place a shoe organiser

If you are heading in to a long car journey with a bunch of kids. Place a shoe organiser on the back of the sets to organise kids belongings like books,  toys, medicines easily.

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