Amazing Bollywood facts No Filmy Magazine Has Ever Told You

Not only the scripts of the Indian cinema are unique and interesting the facts related to them are quite amusing too. Thus, let’s read out some factoids about Bollywood we haven’t heard before. Here you go !!!


  1. Aamir Khan’s starrer movie ‘Lagaan” has the record of having the maximum numbers of British actors ever to work in a single movie in the history of Bollywood.
  2. Kareena kapoor was lucky enough to have worn about 130 various dresses designed by the top fashion designers of the world in the movie “ Heroine”. Speculations are that Kareena’s wardrobe for this movie was the most expensive one.
  3. You know who was the first and foremost choice of Karan Johar for the lead role in his iconic romcom “ Dilwale Dulhania Le jaenge” ? Well, it was Saif Ali Khan. And to our surprise Karan even considered once to cast the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise for this role.
  4. The climax of the movie “Rockstar was shot initially as the directors didn’t want to take chance with Ranbir’s hairstyle.
  5. Anil kapoor’s family had to once shift in Raj Kapoor’s garage when they first came to Mumbai.
  6. Nope!! Actor Amjad Khan was not the first preference for the role of “ Gabbar” in Sholay as Javed Akhtar didn’t find Amjad’s voice suitable for this role. Danny Denzongpa was later approached for the role but the role eventually happened to fall in Amjad’s cart which he truly justified.
  7. Shabana Azmi was once engaged to Shekhar Kapoor. Sadly, their relationship couldn’t  reach to the marriage.
  8. Hrithik’s real name is “Nagrath” and not ‘Raushan’.
  9. Guess what’s the actual name of Ranveer Singh? It’s” Ranveer Singh Bhavnani”. Who is actually one of  Sonam Kapoor’s cousin too.
  10. Dharmendra’s fee for the movie “ Dil bhi tera, hum bhi tera was mere 51 rupees.
  11. Around 42 political parties protested the “ Choli ke peeche kya h song” from the movie “ Khalnayak”
  12. During the shooting of Sholay Dharmendra bribed the spot boys who handled the lights for making mistakes in order to get multiple chances to embrace Hema Malini.
  13. Dilip Kumar has won the highest numbers of awards in the category of the best actor with around 8 awards spanning over 3 decades.
  14. For his movie “ Barfi” Anurag actually wanted Katrina to narrate the movie, but the director had to choose Ileana as Katrina refused the proposal.
  15. The longest film in the world is LOC; Kargil. The duration of this movie is 4 hours and 25 minutes. But we bet you wouldn’t wanna miss the single minute of this movie.



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