Movies You Need To Watch Twice To Understand Fully

How many times has it happened with you that you have watched a movie and come out completely clueless about what you have just watched? You think them to be a sheer waste of your time but this is where you make mistake. Some movie are actually not meant for watching once, you will have to watch them multiple times in order to get what it exactly conveys. Take a look here at such movies you might have not dared to watch twice.



Well, trying to judge each and all the scientific theory shown in Interstellar would definitely spoil your chances to enjoy and understand each and every aspect of this movie. You might find many of the theories that is in the interstellar absurd but that’s what brings out the thrilling flavour in the movie. But that obviously doesn’t mean that each and every theories that interstellar deals with is totally fake. Just wait till you see the method  to reveal all the madness you see in the movie. Getting each and every aspect of this movie will need your little patience and binge watching this movie.


  1. Synecdoche, New York

If any of your pals have lately boasted of watching this film and having totally digest it in one go, well, he’s completely being a smart ass lier. Watching this movie and getting it’s story easy not at all everyone’s cup of tea. Well, not obviously in the first time unless you have some Einstein gene running inside you. This movie is something better understood when you watch this to observe and not to understand. Immensely cerebral, this movie is about the twists and turns of the life of an artists and his aspirations that eventually discovers the dark depths of uncertanity and depression.   


  1.  Drive

If you think this movie to be the sequel of Fast and furious , probably you will leave the theatre with major disappointment then. It has some intense driving action sequences and an unusual ending Drive is among the most head spinning stories of the Hollywood that will leave you eager to get each and every aspect of this movie.   

  1. Punch Drunk Love

Thomas Anderson decided to make his movie on just one character. The duration of the movie is about 90 minutes. It’s a great film with beautiful and creative cinematography.the movie is little bit of a tricky one that needs your time to u reveal itself in the best possible manner in front of you.


  1. The sixth Sense

The sixth sense will need your sixth sense in order to fully understand the film. It’s a dark story of a young boy who could communicate to the dead. The movie unexpectedly won 6 oscars and is a must watch movie.

  1. Tamasha

Imitiaz ali introduced a unique way of stoytelling through this movie. It’s a story of time- travel and passion that no one could get in the first attempt. But when having understand the real essence of the movie people couldn’t help but applaud his work.

  1. Upstream color

Well, I bet you will get confused if this movie is a rom com or a sci-fi if you will watch this movie once. But the best part is after having thoroughly watched and understood each and every aspect of this movie will learn that it’s more of a sweet romcom. Surrealism infused with reality this movie is one of those movies you will need to watch twice in order to get it’s full meaning.

  1. Primer

Well, if you think this movie to be a just one one, this could be one of your reasons to not have fully understood it. It’s more than a science puzzle. You will need a plenty of time and multiple viewings in order to fully understand the movie. You will feel a genius if you finally happen to crack the theme and the story of the movie .

  1. Stalker

Andrei Tarkovksy’s Stalker (1979) is a landscape movie. It’s an adaptation of the book Roadside picnic which is fairly orthodox and science fiction about eliens. Not every movie lover can understand this movie in just about one go. But it still continues to b e among one of the best sci-fi m0vies ever.

  1.  The Matrix

It’s something way more than being just a movie.It revolutionised people’s perception of looking around the world. This American Australian movie is no lesser than a nightmare. The movie happens to describe the terrifying concept of the simulated reality.till today, not many people have got each and every aspect of this movie.  

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