Hrithik Roshan Body Transformation – Grit, Sweat & Willpower

Social Media Went Into a tizzy When “Greek God” Hrithik Roshan shared his upcoming ‘Fighter” movie song “Ishq jaisa Kuch”. As always netizens are mainly praising his amazing physique. His walking scene with a Surfboard has gone viral among fans. Even Anil Kapoor praised with his word And said “ here is the Real Fighter”. Soon on 25th January the latest film of Hrithik Roshan’s “Fighter” will be premiered in theaters. And we will be witnessing his Amazing acting and fitness Again as “PATTY. Ever wondered how Hrithik Sir’s journey was? was it just a gym session or this was the toughest journey of his entire life? Let’s dive Into his Journey of fitness that can Inspire us all.

It is the story of that time when the production team of the “War” movie was planning to start their shoot. The cast was confirmed, this time it was the face to face of Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan. But Hrithik denied it. As he gained weight for the movie character of Super 30. In a YouTube video about his transformation, Hrithik revealed that it was happening with him again, previously happened in the time of “Krish”. From a family man, “Anand Kumar” to an Indian Soldier “ Kabir” Hrithik took an unbelievable challenge for his physique transformation within 12 weeks. Hrithik’s trainer Kris Genthin Said that It was his marvelous energy and dedication that Within 7-8 weeks Hrithik achieved his goal.

Hrithik Roshan suffered his first muscle spasm when he was a teenager. It is sclerosis- a condition where the tissue around the muscle becomes stiff. Roshan said that he was in doubt about his body, and will it support him or not. But from 4 am to 7 pm he was continuously in his training. Clean food, no sugar, and early to bed were three key things that helped him. Though he faced some initial pain, it eventually reduced and became pain-free. In an interview, Roshan’s fitness coach Kris Gethin shared that Rashan trains for three days and then takes one day off. A steady state of his workout is about 1 hour, then he takes a break or does cardio then continues again. usually, Hrithik takes Six meals a day and consumes about 4000 calories per day. The majority of his food includes protein from poultry, egg whites, fish, protein powder, etc. Other things are limited rice, sweet potato, oats, and lots of vegetables. During his YouTube video, Hrithik said that for the first 3-4 months he was suffering from adrenal fatigue, simply he was depressed with his physique. But he also mentions long-term gratification where happiness lies takes time.

Today what we are seeing and praising is the result of determination and dedication that always push ”Real life Krish” to a new level. With his Acting, Dance and dedication to his fitness to live the character of the film is always praisable.

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