Chakra Balancing & Clearing Meditation – Everything You Need To Understand

For years, keeping chakras meditation balanced has been associated with maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

Chakras are termed as various focal points in the body used in ancient meditation. Chakras are the inconspicuous energy-giving wheels present throughout the body that keep us vibrant and healthy.

There are 7 chakras starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. That means seven essential points in the body which, if balanced with the power of meditation can lead to the future prosperity of life.

Seven Chakras are the organs of transmutation. The chakras have the ability to step up the energy system of our spiritual being. These are associated with the term Transformers of the mind and body functions.

And through chakra meditation, one can improve the balance of key areas in the body.

Through chakras meditation, you can balance with the other chakras and bring mental health and attitude into a more peaceful state.

There are hundreds of different chakras in the body representing energy large and small, it’s productive to focus on the seven core chakras.


It is located at the base of the spine in the area of the coccyx.

This chakra is said to connect to the wider world and also your fundamental need for food, shelter, and stability. In Sanskrit, it is named as Muladhara.

  • Any plight at the spine can directly affect you, causing emotional and physical disturbances in your body, targeting your digestive system.
  • This is the first chakra in the body and it controls the horizontal length from just below the buttocks to a point just above the sexual organs.
  • It controls the spinal column, excretion, digestion of food, vitality, sexual fertility in a woman and adrenal glands
  • Hence mastering the meditation of root chakra would enable the person to experience a sense of vitality and a feeling of healthy from within.
  • The root chakra is feminine in nature and it is the first of the seven chakras.


The second chakra or sacral chakra is also known as a sexual chakra. It is located just above the genitals in the pubic area three inches below the navel.

  • It is constantly involved in a creative process. 
  • It regulates sexuality, sexual energy, sensuality, and intimacy in the body.
  • Sacral chakra controls our reproductive organs, our thinking process, and imagination. A balanced sacral chakra regulates our pelvic organs, the urinary tract, the bladder, the hips, legs, and boosts our sexual organs.
  • With the sacral meditation, the person experiences the childlike wonder and magical feelings and also the person undergoes the sensual feelings altogether.

  • A balanced sacral chakra is relevant for coping up with the new experiences of the world.


This chakra is located just above the navel, at the stomach. It is also known as the solar plexus heart center. It has also been associated with as center of our creative power.

Balancing this chakra benefit our body in the form of assimilation of the food and providing emotional energy to the body.

Solar plexus chakra controls our pancreas, liver, gal bladder, diaphragm, large intestines, appendix, and other internal parts of the body.

The third chakra meditation enables the person to break free the shackles of fear, fear of pain, indecisiveness, and other anxiety that people would take advantage of them.


The heart chakra is being located at the center of the cardiovascular system that is intimately tied with the organs around it. It is known as the primary heart center. In Sanskrit, it is named as Anahata.

It controls the horizontal section of the physical body. If it gets imbalanced, it can be responsible for respiratory problems and high blood pressure.

In the classic yogic texts, it has been known as the gateway to the soul. 

A balanced heart chakra stimulates the emotional balance enabling the person to form an emotional connection with others.


It is the fifth chakra of the body and it is located at the throat near the thyroid gland. In Sanskrit, it is named as Visshuddha.

  • It controls the horizontal section of the body starting from the nose to the points at the collar bone. It governs the nose, ear, nose, vocal cords, thyroid gland, and metabolism.
  • This chakra regulates communication and self-expression. In the ancient yogic texts, it has been stated that if the throat chakra gets balanced the person is able to detach from materialistic things and are able to increase the power of understanding.
  • The individual is able to reach a state of life where there is no motive just pure divine force dwells.


It is the 6th of the 7 chakras and it is located at the eyebrows. In Sanskrit, it is named Ajna, which means the command center.

  • It controls the lower brain and nervous system. The chakra governs the intuition on both spiritual and mundane level. 

This chakra regulates a physical seeing and the mystical seeing of the world.

  • The energy from within can be used in different ways as per the desires and wishes of the individual. But the right thinking process is what is necessary to take on the challenges of life ahead.
  • Balancing the third eye chakra the individual develops a sense of discerning power from within which has given by god to our human soul.
  • We reach a state where we acknowledge our power of the mind and how we can change the realities of life by mastering our minds.


Crown chakra is the last chakra among the core 7 chakras of the body.

It is located on the top of our head. It has the highest frequency of all chakras.

  • In Sanskrit, it is named as Sahasrara, it radiates the color violet which has the highest oscillating power.
  • The person who has a balanced this crown chakra develops a state where he/she identifies himself/herself as the highest self. 
  • Though the state is not limited to this identification, the crown chakra meditation transcends the person to realize the presence of himself/herself is beyond the physical form.
  • This awakening takes when the three heart centers blend with the soul.
  • Through the 7th chakra meditation, the soul gets connected with the divine force of the universe. 

To reach the last stage of our chakra mediation of “be in love” with oneself and know the ultimate power lies inside us, one has to perform all the other six chakras clearly and balanced it. 

All the chakras have to be opened to experience the state of All which inherits everything.

Good balance of all the chakras is the key to good and vibrant health.

  • Chakras of the body that are not aligned can be linked to the bodily problems we start to experience. 
  • Every chakra has been linked to some unique symptom both physical and mental that shows under or overactivity.
  • Getting aware of all the problems connected to which of the core chakras is crucial to understand the underlying way to overcome them.
  • In the yogic ancient texts, it has been said that when these chakras get opened by the mediation, the spirit gifts the individual in the form of well being of body and soul.
  • Unconditional soul love is the greatest power of love in the universe.

Chakra meditation heals and cures our major internal problems naturally.

A lot of focused mind is required to perform and balanced all our seven chakras to lead a life of happiness and prosperity.

Balanced chakra meditation is a path of leading a spiritual way of life, making oneself aware of our highest potential.

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