How Do You Know If You Are / Were Reincarnated

Some of the religions, especially Hinduism believe that after death our soul goes to another living form. The soul never dies, the body completely breaks down into ashes after death but the soul doesn’t die, it repeatedly takes new life forms.

 We believe in our Hindu  Shastras that the soul is immortal and takes birth time and again.

It is in Buddhism too, the concept of karma has been the base of the teaching. 

 These religions speak of the fact that the present existence and its circumstances are the results of our past life deeds and actions.

Many religions do not believe in this aspect of life and death. 

No one exactly knows that reincarnation actually happens in reality, or not but many people have reported about reincarnation signs. Some of the people with a lot of confidence and with right shreds of evidence have proved the existence of reincarnations. 

How do you know if you have been reincarnated? 

Several people ask questions regarding how do I know that I have been reincarnated or how can I tell that I have been reincarnated?

If you have any of these signs that have led you to feel that you are reincarnated, then maybe you are!

Sign 1. Dreams at every night

This is the foremost sign that exhibits the thought that the soul was once have taken birth on the earth. The dreams about certain irrelevant events in life, or different places and people which we have never seen before in our present life can indicate the existence of your past life.

 As dreams are the reflections of our experiences of our life. And if one is having dreams over and over again, it can be the sign that your soul is recalling the memories from the past life.

Sign 2. You experience some of the weird memories

Kids usually get to know the cross over of the past life much easier than an adult. They can recall some of the oddly recorded instances of life, which haven’t happen in this present life.

 The more births we have taken, the more these weird memories come to our being. Sometimes, our brain plays a trick with us, we must be careful with our thoughts and actions.

Sign 3. You have deja vu often.

Have you ever felt that while walking an old street for the first time, and wondered what I have been here before as well, don’t know when? This may indicate that you have been here or once have lived near this street in your past life. 

If you have reincarnated, you have sensed the presence of something which for you new but for your soul, it is not. This is the bizarre feeling of deja vu is.

Sign 4. You have a very strong intuition

How do you know if you were reincarnated or not? , a strong powerful intuition can be the answer to it.

A very strong intuition about something which exceptionally can’t be articulated with mortal wisdom and knowledge, but you have it in your soul. It can be a significant sign of your reincarnation. People with these signs just know things beforehand and can sense things without much scrutiny.

Sign 5. You feel for “others” 

The people who have reincarnated are said to be mature souls. They can encounter and feel the pain of other people. They could literally experience the pain and plight of others. Highly emotional and empathetic people have difficulty in fitting the large crowd.

 It could be indicative of the fact that your soul has been through many reincarnations and has geared up in this lifetime to heal the world.

Sign 6. You are exceptionally “wise”

Some children are not attractive and playful towards the childlike activities but they are more inclined to the deep mature conversations with adults.

It can be the sign that of the reincarnation that is marked to be as wise souls who have taken many incarnations before and have acquired an age. 

This experience is called the ‘Soul Age’ theory. It depends on the age of the soul. If the new soul is young,  you are more likely to be young at heart throughout life. If the new soul is old and mature, you are more likely to much more wise and mature than the age of the present human life. 

Sign 7. You have some explicable fears

 Some of the fears are there in your mind since childhood and you are not able to get rid of it. A fear of heights or from water drowning or fire burns, these fears indicate that these things have happened in your past life and your reincarnated soul still exhibit it.

Many believe that they can hear the echoes of past trauma in our present is important to defeat this fear otherwise the soul will keep on memorizing it.

Sign 8. You can easily judge people without knowing them well

If you are being reincarnated the sign of knowing the person within the interaction of a few minutes can be just the right indicates that you are reincarnated.

It is almost as easy as downloading an application for the people who can get to know the character of the other person.

  • One more significant sign of about your soul that has been reincarnated,  entails the thought of living alone. It indicates that you have been here on this earth many times before and you have understood the fact how the world has become, where none value each other. You feel you have already gone through many trick games of life and now you just want to be alone away from others.
  • There is also one embellish characteristic of the reincarnated souls, which is that they are not concerned about any fame, or social status. But is more concerned about evoking spirituality and becoming a better person in life and helping others to do the same.

If any of these signs you experience in your present existence, then the question of how to know if you were reincarnated has been answered through these signs which mark the evidence of reincarnation.

There are different methods like hypnotization which let the individual know their past existences and who were they in their past life.

There are no such authentic pieces of evidence that reincarnations are true but all are the beliefs of the people into their religions. Since ages, it has been believed that the soul never dies and it keeps on taking birth as because of the spiritual quest which may have left unreached. 

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