Do You Know What Happens to Your Garbage When You Segregate It?

Municipalities are trying their best to enlighten netizens about the segregation of the waste. but segregated garbages are still being thrown into a mixed lot of all the dry and wet wastes.

The municipal Corporations in Delhi is on a rage for intensive cleanliness all around the city under the part of the Prime Minister’s “ Swacchta hi Seva hai Abhiyan”.

The one main important goal of this programme is to put forth front of households the habit of segregating garbages in a way that the wet waste goes in green dustbins and the dry into the blue ones, which will continue till october 2.

Many experts have continuously gone on records saying requesting people to have such “ source segregation” as a first step to a better utilisation of wastes.

The awareness still has not been seriously taken and very few neighbourhoods in the city are segregating their wastes. The municipal corporation is also trying its best through information campaigns.Even the Supreme court back lashed the City’s householders for not being concerned enough in this regard.

Wanna know what happens to your segregated wastes ?/
First of all, the garbage collectors don’t have to toil that hard in order to separate waste and dry garbages. The dry garbages either gets sold by these garbage collectors or is dumped into the blue colored dustbin. The green one straight away goes to the Green bin.

The majority of the wet and biodegradable wastes are recycled into the Okhla Waste to Energy plant managed by Jindal Group .

Wastes that comes from slum areas have no recycling qualities thus, they straightaway goes to the landfilling. While wastes that emerge from residential areas and flats contains plastic or papers mostly that’s why there are sent to the plants.

Well Delhi has currently three waste to energy plants that processes umpteenth tons of garbages daily. More waste to energy plants are on the way and hopefully Delhi will be the most cleanest city of all.

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