News Mukesh Ambani Earned 100Cr. / day & Over 200...

Mukesh Ambani Earned 100Cr. / day & Over 200 added to 1,000Cr. club Last Year


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Well, the riches of India have rather turned more richer in 2018. According to the Barclay’s Hurun India Rich list, the list of the riches possessing the wealth over Rs.1000 crore has reached upto 831.

With Mukesh Ambani still standing firm at the position of the richest person of all the Indians from the seven years running with the wealth of 3.7 lakh crores. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry and Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry are the names who have entered on these rage of being the top ten richest Indians. The reason they could enter this list was mainly due to a sudden increase in the price of TCS shares accounting about 67 percent of Tata sons market capitalisation. The Mistry’s are now the owner of about 18 percent of the Tata sons.

Ambani still running at the top has a wealth way more than the total wealth of the next three SP GLOBAL HINDUJA, L.n mittal and FAMILY and Azim Premji. Ambani’s wealth has seen a major growth by rs. 300 crores per day over the last year.

According to the Hurun India Rich List, those involved in the jewellery business saw a major backdrop in wealth of around 19,000 crore, and the credit goes to the perception following the Nirav modi scam. Those who are into FMCG business saw a growth of rs. 11,500 crore in their business majorly because of the jump in rural consumption. And the export related business of pharma and software continued fetched the major part of the wealth.

Reports are that new disruptive businesses in waste management, agri services food and services will be the biggest generators of wealth in the upcoming years.


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