Doctors Revealed the Most Healthy Way to delay pregnancy and remain fertile

Infertility is turning out to be a regular phenomenon in women, as the modern women is more determined towards pursuing a career and enjoy life on her own terms than being married and getting a family. Amidst all these they forget that there biological clock is ticking and even the most advanced clocks cannot turn back your biological clock for you. We all are social animals, and all of us need someone special to take care of us after a certain period of time.

Infertility is something happens when a woman is unable to conceive after one year of unprotected sex. Experts says that a woman is more fertile in her 20s. But of course her fertility rate changes throughout her life. Many women remain totally fertile in their late 30s, while some women face the infertility issues right from their 20s. This is the reason experts convinces to plan timely. And If you won’t issues like cysts, fibroids, hormonal imbalance starts creeping up and mess up with the natural procedure.

Well, leading a healthy life is the most important of all to remain fertile. Repetitive uses of contraceptive pills such as I-pill and numerous abortions can make it really difficult for a women to undergo pregnancy after her 30s. The risk of miscarriage is quite higher after the age of 35.

Well, if you are planning for pregnancy sometime later in life, leady a healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance, plus you need to eat promptly with some regular exercises. Avoid the consumption of alcohol and keep yourself stress free if your planning to conceive and become a mommy one day.

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