The naked truth of Black Money No Media Has Told You Yet

Let’s confess, there have been many accounts on our lives where we have either accepted or offered a bribe when it suits and benefits us. Be it bribing principals for the admission of our child in the school, managers for bagging the promotions, cops to avoid getting arrested in drink and drive case, or the income tax investigators. Almost the total educated middle class sector is have been proven to be corrupt on various accounts in their day to day lives. The corruption and black money has just turned out to be a way of life. Prime Minister Narendra Modi by his act of demonetisation expected that it would clear and expose all the black money but it was so naive of him to expect that. Demonetisation could do nothing and the corruption still has been the same as it was years ago.

What we mean to say is, if we really want to comprehend corruption, we need to start a revolution, a revolution of paying money only when we receive the bill of the same. The corruption and black money goes hand in hand. When a farmer earns 50 rs. From selling his crops it’s totally fare but when he uses this money to buy medicines without bills, it turns into the black money, and the process goes on and on.

Well, it might have been too late for implementing some of the rules and changes, it’s still not impossible yet. All you need is to have a zeal to create a better, a fair India.

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