People of Meghalaya use this unique tunes instead of names to communicate

The unique tune we usually initiate to communicate with the birdies that generally make its way from the sky to our balcony is interestingly used by people of Meghalaya to address one another. Though they have names but those are hardly used. Quite interestingly people of the nearby villages follows the same tradition too.


Kongthon, a small village in Meghalaya is famous for its unique way of communicating i.e by composing a tune for calling out one another. Interestingly, tune is always new and a fresh one for each person.


Reports says that, this ritual of addressing each other with the help of tunes is a part of “ Jingrwai lawbei” : speculations are that it’s the song of the first lady tribe here which has become a part of an age old tradition of this community. Every mother comes up with a  specific unique tune for her child. The tune may appear peculiar and absurd for others but according to them it’s the way they express they shower their affection and love on their child.


Well, I guess the idea behind many romantic Bollywood flicks that inspires us to create tunes for our loved ones has been borrowed from Meghalaya only.    

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