Interesting Things You Don’t Know About Introvert People

We feel introverts are the most misunderstood persons on the earth. Arrogant, moody, selfish is all what they get to hear about themselves most of the time. But guys all this is just a myth. You just need to understand them in order to know them inside out. Thus, here are some facts about introverts you need to know in order to connect with them in a better and an easy way.

They overthink a lot
Like a lottt!! We just don’t know how to let go. It’s just not at all possible for them to stop over analyze things in umpteenth ways and wrack up their brain. Many a times they are right but at other it proves futile.

2. The feeling of helplessness prevails inside us.
During an argument an introvert feels helpless and go blank. This happens mainly because they are a lot of things going into their minds at once but after they have finishing the over analyzing they come up with a stronger point of view no one can defy.

3. Easy to get hurt.
Introverts are the most sensitive of all. They are more likely to get offended easily. You never know when they will start walking like a sad dwarf as mood swings is what they usually suffer.

4. They mean what the say.
Since they are way too emotional, they do not hurt anyone with fake promises. They totally mean what they say, straight from their heart.

5. Small talks ? Nah, not their cup of tea.
Once an introvert opens upto you, he will turn into a chatterbox in no time. This is how they actually connect with somebody.

6. Observation is the key.
We might remain quiet most of the times and it might occur to you that we are indifferent to the circumstances going around us. But wait, we are constantly observing each and every little factor around us.

7. Their Personal time is everything for them.
They just love their personal time and no body, literally nobody can snatch it away from them.introverts actually discovers themselves and their thoughts in their “ me” time when they just wanna shun everything and get lost in their thoughts.

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