Who Actually Wears The Unwearable Garments of Fashion Shows?

I spent my entire life thinking who the hell actually wears these funny, absurd ramp garments ??

The fashion world is full of artistic variations. Having worked in the fashion Industry for 5 long years, I now have been able to relish the intricacies of the fashion world. Earlier when I used to ponder over why these huge designers waste their entire money on these lame fashion shows, and back then I felt pity for those slinky models who had no choice but to wear these “boriya bistar” all over the body and walk on the floor proudly as if it’s some red carpet dress. Lately, when my fate dragged me to this fashion industry, all the air slowly cleared as I started grew here.

Now here is your answer to who actually designs those quirky stupid clothes and why?

While each designer can have many individual reasons, we will still be discussing about the prime ones that compel them to produce these totally unwearable garments.

First and the foremost thing you need to know is, fashion is not only limited to looking pretty. For designers fashion is art, it represents their artistic state of mind. Designers are truly an artist and with each such dresses they try to express their love for arts in front of the audiences. For instance, if you just wear a frock and walk on the ramp, it’s just so monotonous and there can be several same frocks with the same piece of cloth material and most of the times in same designs and colors, why do you think anyone would even care to throw a look upon it?? Thus, these designers are on a rage to create new innovative outfits that are truly unique and different from the rest.  Actually, you should see these runway garments as an exhibition of art.

Now, the reason why fashion runways are filled always full of nothing but stupid dresses is these clothes are not aimed to sell to the individuals. They are the designers’ masterpiece that are just meant for fetching applauds from the one and all laurels sitting and judging their art.  Secondly, they even represent a hint of what their total collection, exposed to individuals would be. It showcases the fabrics, techniques and the materials that the designer used to express his overall feeling. The mood that they initially set through these clothes will be later converted into easy wearables clothes that actually will be available to one and all.

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