Stuff Your Parents Say – What They Actually Mean

Our parents seem to have some go-to lines that we hear everyday. We’re actually listening these for past 20 – 30 years, but have you even thought the actual meaning behind them?

Here’re some of the common and famous lines we hear almost everyday and here’s what they mean :

What They Say :  “Back When I was a kid”

What They Mean : My memory is bad, I’m just trying to making up stuff


What They Say :  “…. because I said so.”

What They Mean : You’re right – however I am older than you, so you will have to follow whatever I say.


What They Say :  ‘You’re too young to understand’

What They Mean : I have difficulty justifying this – but well, I will have to say something to justify my position.


What They Say :  “Ask your Dad, I don’t know”

What They Mean : I am tired, go disturb your dad. And/or, I don’t want to take a risk of making a judgement, let your dad take the risk.


What They Say :  “We’ll see – now go to your work”

What They Mean : Let’s wait till you forget about this.


What They Say :  “I can’t believe you have done that”

What They Mean : You have done something wrong, but I am happy with what you’ve done, but can’t express that to you.


What They Say :  “I’m disappointed in you”

What They Mean : Don’t have much to say – so this  one word “disappointment” will do the wonder.

What They Say : “Please don’t do that again”

What They Mean : What you have done is not too bad – but never that again, take this as a warning.

What They Say :  “You will understand when you’re older”

What They Mean : I still don’t understand this – may be you will.

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