Hear From People Who Have Faced Death Nearly And Escaped It

It’s been rightly said that death and live are all in the hands of the god. No can take away your life from you if the Almighty doesn’t approve of it. Thus, here are some of those such cases who beat death because they had all the lucks.  


Jose Salvador Alvarenga confessed to have been floating for about 13 months at a stretch in the Pacific ocean before washing ashore in a deserted island.


Michael Benson, this daredevil spent two days inside the Volcano crater before he reached a life-saving net that was dropped for him.


Harrison Okene was fortunate enough to survive in an air bubble underwater for about three consecutive days. Hats off to this man who fought the freezing temperature and low oxygen and won his life back.


Peter Skyllberg unluckily got trapped inside a car that got buried in a snowstorm for 2 months.


Howard Ulrich and his son won over the long tsunamic waves of Alaska in their fishing boat by riding the highest wave.


During an extreme heatwave, Mathew Allen wandered in the Australian outback for 9 months and survived.


Resham Begum who got stuck in the rubble of a garment factory that collapsed after 17 days in Bangladesh was pulled alive.


Wenseslao Moguel cheated death by Surviving as he was shot at close range by a firing squad.  



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