Life changing movies

Once in a while comes a life changing movie. The movies like these mentioned below that leave a long lasting impression on our minds and helps us in improving our judgement towards life. Take a look.  


Rang De Basanti

The youth after watching this movie felt a special connection from the story. Haven’t we curse our nation and counted its odds and ends in a regular chit-chat with friends or during those boring train journeys?? But have we ever thought of fixing it ?? Nahh..!! who has the time?? Right??  Well, this movie has targeted these narrow mentality of the people of our nation. Rang de basanti has shown how to work on public interest rather than keep counting its inefficiencies.

  1. Paan Singh Tomar

It’s a story of the real-life athlete Paan Singh Tomar. Who turned into a dacoit from a gold medalist. The story revolves around how he picked the other route of violence when the system refused to acknowledge his accomplishments. It’s a history in motion.

  1. A Wednesday

You have no idea what battles the government is fighting with the terrorists in order to save it’s citizens life. A Wednesday motivates all of us to stop being a lame citizen and ask the government to be accountable to us. It’s a stirring movie for our government to remind them to act towards our security.

  1. UDAAN

Udaan has the most convincing plot. A teenage boy Rohan who returns to his home after the 8long years of boarding school, only to be more disciplined by his strict parents and a younger brother. The movie show the state of mind of a teenage boy who wants to live his life on his own terms and accept what his heart wants rather than pursuing the monotonous path choosn by his parents.  The movie hints that all we need is skittle courage to fight for our dreams.

  1. Dil Chahta Hai

This movie is a friendship saga.  

  1.  3 idiots

Three idiots has tried to bash the educational system of India with its dialogue “ Kaabil bano,  kamyabi jhak maar ke peeche ayegi”. 3 idiots makes us laugh at our own inefficiencies and the system which runs behind the grades and the money.  It recommends to first bring about a change in self first rather than seeking a change in the system.

  1. Queen

How shall you celebrate your broken marriage or engagement??  No, idea? Queen is for you then. This VIkas Bahl’s movie is like a beautiful piece of poetry that will instantly teach you to love and live life on your own terms to the fullest.  

  1. Taare zameen Par

Taare zameen Par gives more power to the differently able children who are criticised by the society. It breaks the notion and stereotypes attached with these special children to provide them a fair chance of proving themselves. It’s punchline says” Every child is special”.

  1. Luck By Chance
    Luck by chance put forth the grimme reality of Bollywood. The silver screen might appear dreamy and all glamorous to most of us but Luck by Chance gave us a quick trip to the reality of Bollywood.  Consider this your guide, if you are looking for your career in Bollywood.
  1. Iqbal.
    Well, if you’ve got an honest dream. Trust me no incapabilities,  hurdle can stop your from winning it. That’s what the movie Iqbal too said.  This great, motivating tale of confidence and self-motivation will help you when you are upto achieve the unthinkable.

So, movie tonight??

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