Popular personalities who treat their fans like Trash

Fame is quite addictive, it makes you forget your generosity towards those who helped you reach that position. It’s quite obvious with the Celebrities who are used to It. This, we have brought you the instances of 10 celebrities who have been really mean to their fans on many accounts of their lives and are hero in their reel life and not in the real one.


The elegant Lea basically got her fame from her role on the FOX show Glee. Allegedly Lea got much attention when the love of her life died from drug overdose. Allegedly, few years ago, Lee Michele denied giving her autograph when asked by one of the newbies of Hollywood Hailee Steinfeld. Steinfield could not resist but cried her heart out at Lee’s rude behaviour.


When Britney first raised to fame, she was nothing but all thankful to her fans who contributed in her success. However, gradually her relationship with her fans have been lately very awkward ever since she was chased by the media after her very public nervous breakdown. Nowadays,  she doesn’t wanna contribute her time with paparazzi,sign any autograph or fake pictures with her fans.


The king of the good looks Leonardo too has earned himself a title of treating his fans as a trash. Being one of the richest and most prominent actor in Hollywood, Leonardo has recently made a statement that he is not going to sign any autograph unless his fans are willing to pay for it. Reportedly,  Leonardo has also refused to take pictures with his admirers on many occasions. Seems he is just opposite of his reel life characters.


Chris Brown lately has been on a rage to disappoint his fans in real life. Hitting someone or the another, throwing different tantrums and many such reasons have been a major cause of his defame.Reportedly, Brown hit one of his male fans as he photobombed while Chris was taking pictures with his female fans. Chris got some charges on himself because of his offensive behaviour and was sent to rehab for a short duration


Well, Ariana recently shut down the rumours of her being a fan lover off camera. In a concert, while she was requested for an autograph she brushed her fans off and rushed to avoid the crowd.


Kim has often been seen calling her fans “nobodies” or “imbeciles”. Well these nobodies and imbeciles are the same who tune in to keeping up with Kardashian on a regular basis and raise it ratings. Well,it’s high time Kim should learn some manners to greet her fans.


Justin is sure to lose his leftover fans because of his rude, selfish behaviour. Media has many times covered his bad behaviour with his fans. Showing up late at concerts, having an unapologetic behaviour for keeping his fans waiting, refusing for signing autographs, and making fun of their outlook are of the instances you can judge Justin’s bad behaviour.


Diaz has also earned the reputation of being mean to her fans. Her fans have often faced her harsh behaviour and her denials of taking pictures with them or giving them an autograph. Recently during a film’s promotion when a fan requested for an autograph Diaz said “ If I give you,  I”ll have to give everybody else” which surely is a mean selfish statement.


Kanye West needs a huge help in the humanity and humility department.  Kanye has often been seen giving an annoyed like while requested for a picture or an autograph by his fans. After getting married to Kim, West garnered himself some unwanted media attention, that made him think he could have some fans to misbehave with.

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