You Should Be Aware of These Mysterious diseases People Are Getting Affected

Well, while some diseases reigns the headlines, there are some rarest of the rare ailments, that has no cure. Thus, here are some dreadful extremely rare diseases you have never even heard of.   



When a defect or damage occurs to the fetus it’s called Progeria. It’s a fatal illness that causes premature ageing and the live -span of the patients suffering from this diseases is just 13 years. Profound growth starts from 9 months to 24 months, that results into abnormal facial hairs, eyes starts bulging out, underdeveloped jaws. Eyelashes, hairs and brows starts loosing.   


  1. Water allergy

About 30 percent of the whole population suffer from this. Water allergy “ aquagenic urticaria” is quite rare. The victims  have been appeared to be allergic to water. It usually happens very late in life which is the result of hormonal disbalance after the delivery.  


  1. Foreign accent syndrome

People suffering from this syndrome finds themselves communication in a language that’s not recognizable by them. The cases people suffering from this syndrome have been around 60. They tend to develop a new voice that is not necessarily a foreign language  but a change in accent often gives a hint of some another alien language.


  1. Laughing Death

Also, known as “ Kuru” was characterised by sudden bursts of maniacal laughter. Physician observed people suffering from this diseases with shaking limbs, inability to properly stand, loose the power to speak that eventually results into death.   


  1. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Sufferers of Alice in the wonderland syndrome tend to see objects far smaller than they actually are in reality. This diseases is also  known as Lilliput sight that also affects sense of hearing, touching .


  1.  Porphyria

The color purple urine and poop is the symptom of Porphyria. Porphyria creates complications in the production of ‘ Heme” and often affects the skin and our nervous system. The attack of Porphyria leads to abdominal cramps, nausea, constipation and vomiting too.   


  1. Moebius Syndrome

It’s a totally rare diseases that is characterised by Facial paralysis. The sufferers of this diseases finds it very difficult to bat their eyelids, close their eyes and look from corners to corners. Abnormalities like clubbed feet and missed out fingers too happens. The good thing is it doesn’t risk your life. This facial paralysis persists for quite long sometimes for the entire life.   


  1. Putrid Finger

A 29 year guy got his finger pricked by a chicken bone that gave him an infection which him stink terrible. The smell was so strong that it could be felt by people across the room. The reason of the infection has still not been figured out. Though the guy no longer smells putrid as the infections has been cleared out but the reasons behind those smell is still no found out.

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