News Everything You need to know about India’s First Cruise...

Everything You need to know about India’s First Cruise Service From Mumbai To Goa


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Well, if you are thinking of exploring new zones and methods to spend and exotic vacation, the sea still remains a prime spot for exclusive time off. Cruises are the most favoured vehicles for some well – needed breaks and private socialising.Thus, our wait of experiencing novelty values and luxurious features on board is very soon going to be over.


Guys! It’s time now to successfully manage your Goa trip hidden in your wishlist without cancelling. Wanna know how? Well, India’s first cruise service has finally started to sail its way right from Mumbai to India’s one stop vacation destination Goa ! The trial and testing is on process and very soon you and your friends can finally take your much awaited and planned trip to Goa, it’s  definitely going to be one blast of an experience!


Although it’s facing a little much delay which is mainly because of its authorisation and certification process. IRS and DG shipping clearances are on hold too. These formalities are still pending and is expected to be cleared as soon as possible.


With the capacity of around 350 passengers the Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise trip fare would start from INR 7,000 per day, the fare would include your breakfast, dinner, stay, and  refreshments too. The price will vary according to the room you choose.

The timings of this much awaited cruise is expected to be something like it would depart from Mumbai around 5 PM and reach its destination Goa the other day by 9:00 AM, covering the altogether duration of the journey of around 16 hours. The cruise will return every alternate day, and start its sail from the domestic cruise terminal situated at Mazgaon and will have its halts in Dighi in Raigad, Dabhol and Jaigad in Ratnagiri district, Vijaydurg and Malvan before it would finally arrive Panjim. Apart from the four months of monsoon, this cruise will continue sailing rest of all the months of the year.

The passengers would be exposed to various features on board available on this cruise including 8 restaurants, 24-hour open coffee shops, a recreation room, a state-of-the-art lounge, and an on board swimming pool too.


Those who truly want to explore the Arabian Sea, this luxury cruise is so very perfect for them to rejuvenate in the lap of the sea.

Till then, just show a little patience and keep on waiting for this exotic cruise experience from Mumbai to Goa.


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